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Lucky Ezy Gives The Listener More Of A “Tease” With His New Hit

Lucky Ezemboi who goes by the stage name of Lucky Ezy is a Howard Alum and graduate student at APU. Only 24 years old, Lucky Ezy resides in Bowie, Maryland. The genres and styles he likes are afrobeat, R&B, and soul music. Some of his inspirations towards his music include the artists Phil Ade, Wale, Davido, and many more.

Lucky Ezy released his single titled “Tease” with a highly contagious melody that’s sure to infect the listener. While listening to “Tease” I began moving my body alongside the rhythm of the afrobeat vibes and enjoying the canorous tune of the vocals. The production in “Tease” was highly atmospheric, capturing the moment for the listener. “Tease me, baby, I don’t want to go all night with you” the hook sings. These sensual lyrics really paint a picture in your mind as you listen to the song, thinking about your special someone. “Don’t waste my time, don’t waste my time”. Many people will fall in love with the relatable lyrics and sing along with it constantly. I loved how light-hearted the beat was. It was just a vibe all along. I can find “Tease” being played at a joyful summer party, while people can get groovy with the rhythm of the beat. The playful beat cultivates the energy while his passionate vocals pierce you. “Tease” is a well-polished record that weaves between charismatic and rhythmic genres.

Listen to "Tease" here and get to know Lucky Ezy below in our exclusive interview!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Lucky Ezy! Tell us about yourself!

My name is Lucky Ezemobi. I am grad student at APU, where I’m studying health sciences towards furthering my degree to physical therapy school. I like to make music on my spare time, mainly R and B music or afrobeats. Some of my favorite artists as I mentioned are wizkid, Davido, maleek berry and mr eazi. They influence me to like afrobeats. Afrobeats is a mixture of modern day sound with chill vibes and rhythm. 

Your record “Tease” was a nice vibe! What were your influences for creating this song?

When I listened to the beat for before creating the song I knew what i had in mind. Tease came out of being in love and wanting pleasure. It’s basically a love song which is catered towards the younger generation and the importance of a strong relationship between a man and a woman. I knew I had a hit then. 

What were some obstacles you faced in the making of “Tease”?

Mainly when I make songs or record them I go through phases when i know something is off or not sounding well at all. I had to record this song up to 12 times to get it right

Like any other song i make. The rap part is always the hardest to come up with. It has to be in tune with the song being created. In whole the music took a lot out of me. The beat was good just needed great lyrics to match it.

What’s your favorite thing about being an artist and why?

It’s not really a big thing for me. I love music and making it brings me joy. Music is a hobby for me. I’ve gotten many offers and promotions but i just see it as a way to express my emotions and all. Music makes me feel alive. I hope to influence people through my music to inspire them to never give up on themselves when something does not go well for them. I’ve had a few rough roads but GOD is greater. Dropped three EPS. An album is next. 

What’s next for you Lucky Ezy?

Only GOD knows. I hope to perform and create videos for all my songs. I’ve reached out to many people i know to help me. My parents aren’t the biggest supporters of my music but I pray and thank GOD for everything I am and more. God bless. 


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