Lucky Ezy Gives The Listener More Of A “Tease” With His New Hit.

Lucky Ezemboi who goes by the stage name of Lucky Ezy is a Howard Alum and graduate student at APU. At only 24 years old, he resides in Bowie, Maryland. The genres and styles he likes are afrobeat, RnB, and soul music. Some of his inspirations towards his music include the artists Phil Ade, Wale, Davido, and many more.

Lucky Ezy released the single titled “Tease” with a highly contagious melody that’s sure to infect its listener. While listening to “Tease” I began moving my body alongside the rhythm of the afrobeat and enjoying the canorous tune of the lightly treaded vocals. The production in “Tease” was highly atmospheric, capturing the moment for the listener. “Tease me, baby, I don’t want to go all night with you” the hook sings. These sensual lyrics were not only raunchy but had elements of relativeness. “Don’t waste my time, Don’t waste my time”. Many people will fall in love with the relatable lyrics and sing along with it constantly. I loved how light-hearted the beat was. It was just a vibe all along. I can find “Tease” being played at a joyful summer party, while people can get groovy with the rhythm of the beat. The playful beat cultivates the energy while his passionate vocals pierce you. “Tease” is a well-polished record that weaves between charismatic and rhythmic genres.

Listen to “Tease” here and get to know more about Lucky Ezy below!

Welcome to Buzzmusic Lucky Ezy! knowing you've had a challenging journey so far, what's been the biggest lesson you've learned that has impacted your career and music for the better?

To always stay motivated no matter the challenges that came. GOD is always key in my life so I use it as my motivation to always keep going. I have people who admire my work and it makes me go harder. It is not an easy process but it's worth it. I have made lots of songs and it takes a toll on me at times. So I have to rest but I always go back to making music again. That's me.

What's the biggest challenge as an upcoming artist? and how do you overcome this obstacle?

Being heard by the public and getting exposure towards a successful career in music. Not too many people get the chance to reach the top but with GOD anything and everything is possible. 

Let's talk about your music! you recently released your EP, "Regime". A masterpiece for sure. What was the main theme behind most of the songs off this project? 

It was my 6th EP which was composed of afrobeats and rap music which I love to make. I like making music that makes you feel good. Most of the songs are chill. To name a few My Love and Jungle are two chill songs. They resemble how it's hard to get to the top and make it big. 

Talk to us about the production of this EP, did you come across any hurdles?

Yeah there were a lot of hurdles. This is the first EP I released with a label which was a tedious process. I had to make sure it was right. There were little slips and slides but it Got done.

What can we expect next from Lucky Ezy?

Phases is the next project I am working on. It will be out by this year or the next. Collabs. Videos. hopefully 

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