Lucy Clearwater Releases First Single, “Feel Again”, From Upcoming EP

From the San Francisco Bay Area, Lucy Clearwater is a gifted singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who has established her craft and is still in her early 20’s. Since moving to Los Angeles in 2016, she has recorded and released two singles, performed sold out shows at The Hotel Cafe (one of LA’s most renowned singer-songwriter venues) and gone on two solo international tours. Lucy appeared on ABC’s American Idol in 2018, and is now working on her new EP “Feel Again” as well as planning her upcoming Australia tour for September 2019.

Angelic vocals immediately grab attention in Lucy Clearwater’s new single “Feel Again”. The melancholic, stripped down, ballad sends goosebumps through my whole body. “Feel Again” beautifully portrays the feeling of longing and human struggle with craving emotional connection. Lucy sheds like on the heartache and pain that comes with modern dating and everything in between. Driven by Lucy’s powerful vocal range and contagious melodies, “Feel Again” showcases her true, raw emotion and lyrical skill. The first single off of Lucy’s upcoming 6-song EP is an absolutely spectacular piece of musical brilliance. We love what we’ve heard from Lucy Clearwater so far and we can’t wait to see what she brings to the table next! 

Check out “Feel Again” here and keep scrolling for more with Lucy Clearwater.

Hi Lucy, welcome back to BuzzMusic! Can you tell our readers a bit about how you got into creating music?

I grew up in a household where creativity and original thinking was encouraged. At the ripe age of four, my mother bought me a violin and began teaching me classical music, while my musical father inspired me to sing and write songs. Around the age of twelve, I entered into a school competition with an original song, ‘Come Back Home.’ My self-made recording proceeded to win first place in California and second in the nation, earning me a moment on stage in front of 5,000 people in Anaheim. That was my first taste of being in a big spotlight and I fell in love with it and knew I needed to be doing this for the rest of my life. 

“Feel Again” is a powerful track! Can you tell us the inspiration and writing process behind it?

‘Feel Again' was written after a meaningless hookup where I felt a desire for something deeper. As a young adult in LA, I was definitely influenced by our modern "hookup culture" to be satisfied with meaningless physical relationships, but I began to feel empty, and realized that as humans, one of our primary needs is true connection, care and affection. The song was written in the moment when I realized I wanted more. Literally a few weeks later, I met the love of my life (like the answer to my "prayer").

Lucy, how has this single been different than anything you've released previously?

This single is different than anything I've released previously because I feel like for the longest time I was searching for my true sound and trying to figure out what it was that I have to say. As artists, I think this is something that we all struggle with initially, but I'm super excited about this track because I finally feel like I've found my voice. Not only that, but I've found the right people to work with to help bring it to life. My incredible producer Justin Glasco is largely responsible for many of the stylistic choices in the production and I feel like we are a really great match and he truly understands the sound and image I am going for with my music. 

How do you feel about today’s mainstream music? What makes you stand out?

Though my roots were originally geared a bit more towards totally raw, organic, and acoustic production styles, I think that there are so many more incredible possibilities with todays technology and I think it can really take a song to the next level. Part of what makes me stand out is that my song can stand completely on its bare bones and still be a really great tune. The more modern production is just an addition to add some sparkle to what is already there, and that is unique. Sometimes, it doesn't matter how cool or fresh your production is if the song cant stand alone. But when the song is really there already, there is an incredible opportunity for it to be raised to the next level.

What’s next for you!?

I'm super excited to announce that the music video for 'Feel Again' will be coming out on August 9th! Shortly following that, will be the next single release at the end of August, and then I'll be jetting off to Australia for a 2 week tour in Melbourne and Sydney. Upon my return, I'll be gearing up to release the full EP. 

About the EP

The single ‘Feel Again’ is "the prayer" asking for real connection and emotion with a partner. 

‘Say The Word’ is the classic girl meets boy and puts heart out on her sleeve: "if you want we can try, darlin im all in, just say the word” 

‘Distracted’ that awkward moment when the relationship gets complicated and they run into each other at Hotel Cafe (heartwrenching, relatable for everyone in our community)  

‘Restless’ is simply a good old happy love song. 

‘Insecurities’ details the ultimate bliss in a relationship, as you realize how much your partner makes you love yourself: "all my insecurities strangled in the light of your affection” 

‘I Choose You’ is about about real commitment. “I sang this at my dads wedding last year. The whole EP kind of takes you on a journey through longing for love and then finding it, and experiencing all types of emotions.” 

The 'Feel Again EP' takes the listener on a journey/storyline from start to finish, of the search and longing for love and emotion, to finding it and experiencing all the different rage of emotions (good and bad), from honeymoon phase to the hard work and deepening and strengthening through truly getting to know another's colors, and finally ending on a song about commitment and 'choosing' to love. 

I am so excited to share all of this new music with my listeners and hope to gain some new fans along the way :)

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