Lucy ClearWater's New Single "Distracted" Is Out Now!

Welcome back Lucy! How exciting that you're going to Australia on tour! Why did you choose Australia and how are you setting up shows over there?

I am so excited to get the opportunity to go play music in Australia. This will be my third international DIY tour. Its funny how it all came about, actually! This tour is largely thanks to my mom. Last year, she and my brother went on vacation to Australia and met a woman in the airport who mentioned she was engaged to be married in about a year. Naturally, because my mom is a super-mom, she mentioned that her daughter (me!) is a professional musician and showed her some clips of my music! The bride-to-be was moved by my music and decided she wanted to hire me to come all the way across the world to play for her special wedding day. Once I realized it was actually going to happen, I figured, why not make it a longer trip and see about booking some other shows and hit a few cities while we're at it! I've never been to Australia and I absolutely cannot wait. We've got several gigs lined up other than the wedding and plan to also shoot some video content while we're there :)

Your new single "Distracted" is truly moving. What emotions did you channel when writing this song? 

Thank you so much! The song 'Distracted' is all about a real incident that I experienced about a year ago in Hollywood. My boyfriend and I had just decided that we shouldn't be together, and I was completely heart-broken. So was he. The next day, I decided to go out to listen to live music at one of my all time favorite LA music venues, The Hotel Cafe. It happens to be a place where both he and I spend a lot of time, and I had seen earlier that night that he had been there to see another musician perform. When I arrived, I was so consumed by thoughts like "is he still here?" "what if I run into him?" "will we talk?" etc, that EVEN THOUGH one of the greatest musicians ever was playing, I couldn't focus on it at all and the whole time, I was looking around the room, in hopes of seeing him. I wrote the song first thing the next morning after waking up and feeling as though the whole thing was a sad/bad dream full of longing and heartache. All the lyrics and emotions I put into the song were very real and true to me, so there wasn't much "channelling", it was just exactly how I felt in that very moment. 

Are you ever worried you'll divulge too much in your songwriting? Or do you think it's better to always be raw and honest?

Some of my favorite songs are the ones that are the most raw and honest. There's something so special about a song that comes from a real place and is full of emotions. I think part of why I love music so much is because it has this incredible power to evoke emotions in the listener and hopefully help them process whatever they're going through in their own lives, whether or not they're actually going through the same experience. A great song is when it's also relatable for a wide audience of people all in various situations in their lives. Though 'Distracted' is about a specific incidence in my life, I hope people are able to relate to it and that it moves people. 

Your voice is SO beautiful, especially for only being 21! Have you had any professional training? 

Thank you! I've been playing violin since I was 4 years old. Then, I picked up guitar around age 8, and ukulele around age 12. Piano also came in somewhere along the way. So, I've been around music my whole life and I think that has a big influence in my musicality and also my vocal abilities. I did a lot of musical theater growing up and took some voice lessons for a few years as well as being in choir in high school. Now, I am actually a vocal teacher myself! Though, I do think that it's important at some point to focus more on the artistic side of a voice as opposed to being super technical all the time. There's definitely a lot you can learn and it is important to know good technique, but being a great artist/singer is about so much more than that, and its up to everyone to find their unique voice

What are the main values you want to bring to the music world?

Appreciation for live music and more support for independent artists. Nowadays, with social media, it is so easy for anyone to share music and bring attention to upcoming artists. My hope is that people will begin to see more of a value for independent music and that our culture will be come more supportive of it. I'm working on building a community of people around me who love my music and want to support it by coming to my shows, and spreading the word about my music. Since there's no big record label behind me, it truly is all about the support I get from my community and fans. 

Do you have an official release date for your much-anticipated EP? We can't wait to hear more. 

My plan at the moment, is to be releasing the songs first as singles before the EP is out as a whole. I'm aiming to be releasing a song pretty much every month till the whole project is out! As soon as I get back from Australia, I will be getting ready to launch the third single, in October/November!

Check out Lucy's new single "Distracted" here!


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