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Lue. Has Us "Floating Away," In A Brilliant New Release

Alexi Diem, known by his stage name “Lue.,” is a Los Angeles-based producer from the Midwest. Teaming up with singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer, Marcellina, along with recording artist Zac Rose; this powerful assemble releases their stunning new single, "Floating Away."

One can best recognize Lue.'s productions for their soft and reflective soundscapes using lush synths and dreamy melodies that are heavily influenced by Indie, Alternative Hip Hop, Lofi, and R&B. This time around, Lue. teams up with Marcellina and Zac Rose for their sweet-sounding single, "Floating Away," which left our souls hovering above the stratosphere. While Lue. tackles the Flume-like electronic sonics, Zac Rose and Marcellina drift over the foreground with their equally dreamy and transcendent vocals. We're incredibly excited to feature this new hit; we're certain anyone who stumbles across this piece will feel the refreshing impact it has to offer. Diving into the new single, "Floating Away," the tune kicks off with Lue.'s soft piano melodies and faint synths alongside muffled drum breaks that quickly drop into a Flume-like, dynamic synth arrangement that accompanies Zac Rose's soothing and velvety vocals. As Marcellina makes her way in, she takes us by the hand and leads us into bliss through her chilling and lush vocal stylings. Both Marcellina and Zac Rose perfectly amplify Lue's dreamy production, making for one of the most refreshing listening experiences we've heard this year. We adore how Marcellina's feminine and soft energy adds a brilliant contrast to both Lue's groovy production and Zac Rose's dreamy vocals, ending the song with nothing but poise and passion. Feel your heart "Floating Away" with help from Lue.'s new single alongside Marcellina and Zac Rose, now available on all digital streaming platforms.


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