Luh Rocket Bang Acknowledges His Independence in “Home Alone”

From Middletown, Delaware, Luh Rocket Bang is an up-and-coming hip hop/rap singer and songwriter. Surprisingly, the life of a musician was never really in the books for this Delaware artist. Although he always had an intrinsic knack for free-styling, Luh Rocket Bang always saw himself dancing, playing basketball, and even pursuing comedy. It wasn’t until 2017 that he truly realized his passion for making music. He was mystified by the way music could take over his body, and how he could use it as an outlet to spread positivity during his performances. Ever since his realization, Luh Rocket Bang has been harnessing his natural free-styling abilities to create his original sound.

His most recent release “Home Alone” is a hip-hop song that spotlights Luh Rocket Bang’s natural ability to freestyle. The song begins with an R&B style backtrack consisting of a gentle electronic melody and echoing voices. As Luh Rocket Bang begins to rap, he adds a trap-like beat, which gives the song more intense energy. Lyrically, Luh Rocket Bang embraces independence as he raps about his preference for alone time. As his career and life continues to evolve, he feels it is difficult to know who to trust. This is why he stresses the importance of self-love. With his new single “Home Alone” Luh Rocket Bang uses his own experiences to address a relatable feeling, and give his audience a rap song they can truly understand.

Listen to "Home Alone" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Luh Rocket Bang! Your song “Home Alone” highlights the importance of independence, can you tell us what inspired you to rap about this?

Thank you for the opportunity I appreciate it! And well with “Home Alone” the inspiration came from just certain situations like parties for instance, where I’d get there and then 10 minutes in I’d be thinking to myself like “why am I here?” When I was in school parties were always a big thing. And I guess I just felt like if I wasn’t at the parties I was missing something and I didn’t like being alone. But as I got older I realized that I’m not missing a God damn thing! And now I love being alone! It’s good to be alone because then you get closer to yourself and you start to find out who you are as an individual. And you’ll never find out who you truly are if you're always at a party around people you can’t really I throw my own parties ALONE at HOME.

Throughout most of your life, you looked at music as more of a hobby rather than your future career path. We know you had a life-changing discovery of your musical passion in 2017. What triggered this realization? Are you happy with your decision?

The summer of 2017 I officially decided to take music serious after years of just playing around with it because one night I was recording a freestyle on my phone using an app called Bandlab like I always would do. But I approached this one differently and actually took it more serious and I liked how it sounded. I let my brothers hear it and they liked it as well, so I was just like “why not?”. And I’ve been addicted to it ever since then. And yes I am more than happy with my decision! Making music allows me to express myself in any way I want to and connect with people all around the world. Music has helped me to grow as an individual and helped me to be more confident in myself. If I wasn’t making music right now I probably wouldn’t be happy at all.

You have always had a natural ability to freestyle. How did you discover this talent, and how has it developed over the years?

I discovered this talent when I was around 9 years old. Me and my oldest brother would freestyle to beats and just sit and write to a beat, and then see who wrote the better verse...Mine was always better of course lol. And then I started posting freestyles to instrumentals of songs that were popular back then, but I can’t find the channel I used to post them on sadly. But over the years I’ve just gotten better and better at it. And when I saw Juice WRLD freestyle for an HOUR it blew my mind...R.I.P. to a Legend! But seeing that inspired me to freestyle for hours and hours, so now freestyling is really 2nd nature for me. And now I’m able to freestyle songs if I want to, but I prefer to write my songs.

Growing up you spent a lot of time dancing, playing basketball and even producing comedic videos. How have these experiences shaped the type of artist you are today?

All these experiences definitely do play a big part in who I am as an artist today. When I was playing basketball I practiced nonstop. When I was dancing I practiced nonstop. And when I was doing comedic videos I was thinking about new video ideas nonstop. With anything, I’m passionate about I give it my all. I didn’t necessarily “make it” with those things but I never gave up on myself bc I know  I’m destined for greatness. I was good at basketball...I was good at dancing...I was good at making funny videos...but I’m Great at making music! And when I perform I incorporate a luh bit of dance moves here and there lol. And I use my humor and acting skills to make my Triller videos I post on social media more creative and different. And I’ll incorporate those same things into my official music videos.

What can we expect to see and hear next from you, Luh Rocket Bang?

Y’all can expect a lot of singles dropping soon that are going to be more melodic and different! I’m working on getting Music Videos put together for these singles as well, I can’t wait to put them out it’s going to be crazy! And after I flood the world with all of these amazing Bangers I’ll be dropping my 10 song debut mixtape named “Rocket’s World”! And that’s going to be really really BIG and ICONIC. So just stay tuned and keep supporting me, I really do appreciate all of the Love! I’m not going anywhere anytime soon y’all will be seeing me everywhere soon.