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LUIS CAMPOS Has Us "Falling in Love," With His Elusive Resonance

The multifaceted LUIS CAMPOS is a Mexican/American punk-rock jazz drummer, singer, producer, and member of the band Delux. Born in Culiacán Sinaloa, Mexico he began playing drums at the age of sixteen.

After moving to Los Angeles, LUIS CAMPOS continued to pursue a career as a rock and jazz drummer and hold accolades such as being hired as the musical director for Puerto Rican pop singer Noelia in 2006.

Taking a deep dive into his latest 10 track album, ‘Now or Never,’ we come across the soothing sounds of the notable single, “Falling in Love.” Through buoyant instrumentation that hones in on tantalizing hues in the beat, what is offered up unravels itself in an alluring manner.

We have the pleasure of simmering in the infectious grooves that the heavy percussion patterns emit, all while focusing on the elusive feel that is brought to the table. LUIS CAMPOS has a melismatic tone that he approaches all of his intricately crafted wording with.

Dousing us in the vibrancy that pours from the passion he embodies, there’s a mesmerizing flow that comforts listeners as they take in his saturated timbres. Allowing us to get lost in the music with a track that perfectly sculpts our minds with what’s before us, the way the musical progressions have us grasping onto the complex production flow transports us into a cordial embrace of dynamism.

Through an almost ethereal universe that we immerse ourselves in, it’s hard not to have lyrical motifs such as, ‘I think I’m falling in love again,’ lingering in our mind long after the song is over. With the picturesque resonance of LUIS CAMPOS pleasantly gracing our ears, there’s no denying the power that he holds within his artistry.

We love how the musical background that you have taken a new approach in the sounds of “Falling in Love.” Could you please share the inspiration that led you to this striking creation?

I was inspired by wanting to create something different from what I call punk-pop rock alternative music which is what I’ve been playing most of my career. I wanted to challenge myself and to present a fresh album especially if I was going to sing in it for the first time in my career. Most people only know me as a drummer but I wanted to change that and share with the world a side of me that not that many people knew about me as an artist cause of constantly being focused on bands and drumming full time, that focus wasn’t allowing me to express my self in full potential. Not to mention the work I’m doing as a music producer. This full album was produced, performed, mix and mastered by my self and I’m extremely proud of it, it took a lot of work, time, dedication, and passion. At the end of the day, work ain’t work when you love it. I go by that every day and it’s what has kept me going for 20 yrs in my music journey!

What encouraged you to make this song the lead single from your album ‘Now or Never?' How do the sounds of this particular record speak into the overall concept laced into the full project?

That’s a good question, the reason I chose “Falling in Love” as my first single is cause I believe it reflects a more modern sound, not to mention it was the first song I wrote for the album so I put a lot of thought into this one at first and I really think it shows what I’m capable of doing as producer, musician, and composer. It’s simple, short, catchy, and easy to understand when it comes to the lyrics and what it’s about!

What do you hope that your audience can reflect on during or after listening to “Falling in Love?” Does it align with what you take away from the song as the creator?

I obviously hope anyone who listens to it enjoys it and wants to make it part of their life routine either working out, driving or maybe just playing it at a gathering or so. If I make one person feel like it helped them going through their day or something then I will feel fulfilled as a creator/artist. Songs can mean anything so any way someone may feel identified with the song would be something I would cherish for life maybe the song might make them feel something in a positive way going through something deep in their life’s or simply make them kill time while bored sitting at a parking lot who knows. Apparently, I already accomplished it from msgs and comments I already received from people :)

From the release of your first song to this present moment, how have you found yourself evolving in your craft, and as an individual?

A lot actually, it's such a new chapter for me though I’m still a drummer in fact more than ever. However I’m experiencing new things with the release of my album as a singer, first I’m starting to understand how some artists I admire and listen since a kid feel about certain things. For instance, I’m not used to having people listen and read my lyrics (cause I always record drums in my band’s albums and let the singer do what he does best) with that being said I had someone the other day come to me and said “look at how you write” referring to me like I’m in love or hanging on a girl’s story situation and I thought to my self so this dude is picturing me that I’m in every situation of what I write in my songs? I was like this is not cool cause we often create fictional stories or write about absolutely anything if I say “let you go” “waiting for you” etc like on my album it doesn’t necessarily mean I’m waiting for a girl or sad, it could mean anything, it could be referring to a turtle I had in the past (which I had to let go lol) it could be I’m waiting for some potatoes at Johnny Rockets (so good btw) and of course, there’s a song here and there I meant everything I went through in my life!! But anyway now I understand why Kurt Cobain would get mad at everyone trying to put a sticker on him about his lyrics or trying to force a meaning on everything he would say or sing about, same deal with Eddie Vedder (I’m a grunge guy gone punk and pop). We’re artists we write about everything not just us, on my next album people are going to get surprised that is a fact!

What's next for you?

I’m really excited about what’s next, first I’m finally playing shows with my main band Delux in November (I’ve been waiting for this for a year and a half), I’m also playing some shows with a band I’m helping out here in Los Ángeles “Ruthcrest” we’re doing Texas, San Diego, and Los Ángeles to start with checking my sites for dates. I just came back from recording the new album with one of my projects “Suprema Corte Del Norte” it will be out next month along with 2 official music videos and a surprise show. Also “Falling In Love” from my album will be playing in some radio stations within the US and Mexico by middle November I’m super excited about that and I’ll be releasing a 3rd official music video for my song “Let’s Go”. Along with 1 official lyric video for each song of my album every week starting September. Also, I got a few tv placements that will play my official music video “Falling In Love” and there’s specifically one big one I don’t want to mention here cause it’s the biggest thing I’m doing right now and I don’t want to jinx it.

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