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LUJAIN Gives Enamoring Performance Over R&B and Jazz-Fusion Amalgamating on, "3"

L.A. has stabilized as a place where LUJAIN calls home, for now. With an upbringing that saw this young Artist's living circumstances render something more like that of a nomad's; it's never quite certain where she'll end up next.

Early in 2020, she released her debut single "Traveller," which saw the Kuwait-born chanteuse manifest the Swedish language for the verses before erupting in the instantly popular hook. This year, with her previous song trajectory's steady pace, LUJAIN collects all her Musical touchstones with a cognoscenti's ear and lands healthy in our hearts once again with, "3."We are never prepared for what we really expect, and with this track, LUJAIN delivers just that - something unexpected.

On "3", she digresses over the bordering lines between R&B and Jazz, landing somewhere deep in her own established Musical elemental field. With an opening that immediately gives highlight to the frisky cordial strums of a Spanish-reminiscent acoustic guitar, we can't help but fall deeply in love from merely the first impressions. Here, in the meaty portion of this track, a scintillating electric guitar rumbles with a lower-midrange girth as the backbone of this smooth swaying track takes shape with a punchy kick, and snare that thwacks with the satisfaction of a perfect high-five, it just sparks something magical inside you when it happens.

The gladdened heartstring orchestra's final strum that this track produces renders front and center as LUJAIN's intoxicating vocal performance. Her words leave little to be craving, as she fills every desire we could have from a vocal performance, and she manages to do it supporting her brand of singing style she terms "Genreful." It's a vocal venture that could only be led by a classically trained songstress like herself. Don't step into "3," expecting your run-of-the-mill Contemporary vibes, because the method's that this Artist adheres by will leave you with an after-glow that won't wash off.

What place or experience has had the most profound and long-lasting influence on the styles, textures, and aesthetics you conceive in your music?

I would say my music is a blend of all the places I've lived in. Every part was just as important in shaping it. Although Los Angeles is definitely the place that helped me develop the most. It's such a diverse place that you’re allowed to do what you want and experiment with different fusions. It's all about the vibe, you're not boxed in when it comes to structure or style.

How do you go about using all your experiences from around the world to create Music that presents as entirely cohesive, yet assuredly foreign?

Well, to be honest, I don't think I know how to do it in any other way. Music for me is what you’re feeling at the moment you're making it. When I was younger I always tried to conform, following the society I was in at the time and sure it was okay but it didn't feel fully true. In LA I learned that your uniqueness and experiences shape your music in such a beautiful way if you know how to apply it. You as well have to do research. Know the rules before breaking them.

When you encounter a writer's block, how do you go about giving yourself the required creative energy and fuel you need to break through, with the least amount of stress?

Hmm, I don't believe in writer's block. For me the problem isn't writing songs, it's sitting down to do it, focus for long enough. To be able to tap into your creative energy without the pressure of always coming out with a hit is the trick. I don’t force myself to make music when I feel uninspired. I paint or read instead, go out for a walk to relieve myself from any stress I'd be feeling.

When can we expect a music video for one of the two singles you've already released this year?

As an independent artist, I have to prioritize what I think is important. Is it making a music video or promoting the song? Is it a studio session or is it a cameraman? Nothing in life is free so you have to make decisions. I know there are ways to do it while on a budget but I'm a perfectionist if it's not perfect then I prefer not doing it at all. That being said I do plan on having videos for some songs in the future but on my own terms.

What can fans anticipate from you next? Are there any goals that you'd like to achieve by the end of 2020 with your music?

A little jazz fusion acoustic 2song project coming out by the end of September and a vocal+keys project in coming out in December. A little mash of genres. Id like to introduce that pretty early in my career. Honestly, 2020 has been kinda crazy for everybody but just making music has been the biggest goal this summer and through the end of the year.


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