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Lujain Serenades Our Souls in a New Single, "as you"

Born in Kuwait and now based in Los Angeles, the genre-bending artist and singer-songwriter Lujain gets us deep into the groove of her latest single, "as you."

The fusion singer-songwriter takes inspiration from acts like Ella Fitzgerald and Ray Charles while also taking influence from modern acts like Rihanna, Kanye West, and Frank Ocean. Known for her blend of jazz, r&b, and pop, Lujain's music offers a unique listening experience that's impossible to ignore.

Painting beautiful lyrical images with her latest jazzy single, "as you," Lujain showcases her brilliant classically-trained vocals while grooving to the song's jazz/r&b undertones. Not to mention the tender and heartfelt emotion she places into this single, Lujain truly sets herself apart from other jazz/r&b acts in today's music scene.

Plunging into "as you," the song opens with bright and jazzy piano melodies, swinging drum arrangements, and a groovy bassline that tugs on our heartstrings. As a bright and vibrant electric guitar makes its way in, Lujain begins serenading us with her flavorful vocals that touch on a love she's never experienced before.

About halfway through the song, Lujain breaks it down while serenading us alongside nothing but her delicate piano. This is where the song pours through our speakers with the utmost passion and love as Lujain continues explaining how she doesn't hold love for anyone else but someone incredibly special and close to her heart. As the low piano chords take us to the outro, the song ends on a deep note of introspection and desire.

Lose yourself in the brilliant stylings of Lujain and her recent single, "as you," available on all digital streaming platforms.

A warm welcome to BuzzMusic LUJAIN. We completely and utterly adore the soul and passion you've placed into your recent single, "as you." What inspired your desirous lyrical content within this single?

A forbidden, spontaneous, and new love that’s fun and mostly about the physical of a relationship with a throwback to nostalgic first heartbreak.

How did you go about creating such a jazzy and soulful instrumental atmosphere for "as you"? How did your creative process begin?

Initially, I had just been jamming with myself, seeing if there is anything that sounds cool and feels sultry. then poof, 45 min later it's written and vocals recorded My producer Mariana muccio do Prado Sampaio and I, continued on with the production with musicians Kendrick Brown on bass and Christian Renard on guitar.

Do you usually create such soulful, rhythmic, and passionate songs like "as you"? Is this a staple for your musical brand?

I have so much love for polyrhythms and R&B, I always wanted to create something that would embody those fusions. The whole EPs has a lot of live instruments and we tried to keep it as organic as possible. I feel like music changes when the person changes and we change all the time, I don't like to put myself in a box. gotta keep the mind open for it all.

Seeing that you have a variety of singles and one EP under your belt, do you have any projects in the works for the future? Or will you continue releasing singles throughout the year?

I actually have an EP coming out on July 3rd called 'love languages,' which I'm really excited about. It’s some of my favorite songs I’ve made at white lines studios in LA. And yes, there's a few singles lined up for this year already that I hope everybody will be pleasantly surprised with.

What's next for you?

I’ve been working really hard in Sweden on getting my first album ready and I know it’s still a long time to get there but the process is extremely educational, fun, and super fulfilling!! my best work yet.

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