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Luke Baker's New Single "Hit My Line" Is Everything You Need In Your Life Right Now

Luke Baker released a trendy and contemporary hit called “Hit My Line” and this upbeat, and addicting tune will have you full fledged impacted. “Hit My Line” begins with Luke’s full toned and suave vocal resonance that has many in-depth flavor to it from his deep sounding articulation that transitions into a high-pitched and iconic fluent pop belt during the hook. The witty lyricism that’s perfect for this growing generation who tends to become distracted with everyday things and focus on the everlasting feeling of wanting to be in love or at least have a companionship with another person, stands out like a sore thumb alongside the danceable beat. The flirtatious record touches base on that valentine aura in a fun and charismatic lyrical approach, highlighting how talented and poetically inversive Luke Baker is as a songwriter.

The 20 year old pop and electronic recording artist and producer from Los Angeles knows how to fabricate hits that will sell. His marketable and mainstream brand and sound could really help skyrocket his career that he’s been longing for since he was 10 years old where he first discovered his passion for music. Luke Baker is no stranger to collaboration either as he was apart of a band when he was only just 11 years old! A self taught prodigy, when Luke turned twelve he began to teach himself how to produce which ended up paying off for him in the long run. The multi-faceted and upcoming pop symbol could really go a long way with a career that’s built upon consistency, marketing, and incredible tunes! Bravo Luke Baker!

Stream "Hit My Line" on Spotify.

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