Luke Crimiel's "Telephone," Pulls Us Down into the Depths Heartfelt Vibes

Multi-talented singer/songwriter and instrumentalist Luke Crimiel delivers a sincere and passionate single with his latest record, “Telephone.” Born into a musical family in Lafayette, Louisiana, it seemed predestined that Luke Crimiel would end up a musician himself. His passion emerged at a young age, playing drums in his godfather’s church band at the young age of four. At eighteen, Luke Crimiel committed himself entirely to his musical dreams and took the plunge with a move to Los Angeles. In this time, he has put his focus on continuing to develop his songwriting and live performance skills to master his craft.

Luke Crimiel’s musical influences include many of the greats, such as Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, and Frank Sinatra – but the sound he is continuing to develop is distinctly his own, grounded in the pop genre but with clear elements of R&B and soul music.

“Telephone” commences with the forgiving yet uplifting strums of an acoustic guitar that then greets the melodious sounds of Luke Crimiel’s vocals. In this dreamy setting that maintains a somber and delicate mood, Luke Crimiel hits us with an earnest record that initiates the tugging of our heartstrings. When the chorus is introduced, deep and soothing elements in the musical components kick us into a higher gear for the mellow elements showcased.

The outro of the song hits us with something more versatile on the creative spectrum. A voicemail recording with the panning of the composition displays the artistic capability through “Telephone.” It allows us to reminisce on lyrics such as, “The only love I wanna know, the kind that hurts when you’re not home,” for a moment after the song has concluded.

We are so excited to hear what Luke Crimiel has prepared for us next. He has us going through the likes of his music and picking out all of our favorite tunes for our playlists.

Congratulations on the release of “Telephone.” What struck your initial inspiration to get this record in the works?

Thank you! I always try to write from the heart. I always try to write from a stance or position that feels real to me. So I think this record and the inspiration behind it was definitely about the growth and evolution of me and my relationships.

How was your creative process different when creating this record, versus your other creations?

The process was definitely very different from a lot of my creations, because of how fast it was put together. I wrote this song in 2 hours, so that was a time where sometimes a song just flows right out of you.

Who would your dream collaboration be with and why?

I would love to work with Pharrell. I think he has done some great work over the years and love his sound. I feel like we would blend great. I would love to get in the studio with him someday.

We would love to know, what is your favorite lyric from the song and why?

“The only love I wanna know, the kind that hurts when your not home” is one of my favorite lines I've ever written because that is exactly how I felt at that moment. Sometimes writing can come from many places, whether from past stories or experiences. So the process of me putting how I felt right on the paper at that exact moment is something that will resonate with me forever.

What can fans anticipate to hear next from you, Luke?

I just announced my debut album, “11th Street” that is coming out in November. I’m so excited to finally show them these songs that all have a place in my heart and mean a lot to me. With the title being named after the street I grew up on, these songs all have a story of my journey that I connect with, and hope they connect with them as well!