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Luke Klingensmith Scores With "24/7"

Originally an athlete, Luke Klingensmith found his calling for music after fracturing his

back. Joining his sister Kelsey K. in the music industry, Luke now writes,records and produces

his own music in his private studio in Nashville,Tennessee.

24/7” is one of Luke’s songs and it is a classic country song with wonderful vocals.

Greeting the listener with an upbeat guitar rift the listeners are encapsulated with a modern

country melody oding to Nashville and its musicians. The sound is bright and cheery which also

applies to Luke’s vocals. Klingensmith’s production quality is also evident and the song is radio

ready. The chorus is very catchy and is easily embedded in the listeners head. In addition to

this, dynamics and overall composition of the song has a very natural flow to it . The lyrics are

well written and allows a relatability for the listener. As a whole, Luke’s ability to create music is

up to par and will surely bring him success and eager listeners.Luke Klingensmith is definitely a

talented individual, and was clearly in fate’s hands when coming to the conclusion of creating

music. When the odds seem against you, sometimes it opens new doors and success, and this

would be the case for Luke Klingensmith.

Listen to "24/7" here, and learn more about Luke in our interview below!

How did you know that music was the career you wanted pursue?

Well this is a story that I tell quite often, and it all started when I got my first guitar from Sam’s Club with birthday money that I received. I can’t remember how old I was, maybe 10-12 years old, and I loved playing that Fender “Starcaster” in my basement bedroom. However, I was a pretty good athlete and sports took up most of my time. Then, during my Junior year of High School football I broke my leg on the opening kickoff of the second game, and my season was over. So, the first thing I did was grab my sister’s spare acoustic guitar and taught myself how to sing and play. Then the leg healed and I was on the mat for wrestling season that winter. The following year was my senior year, and I had plans to play college football and become a Doctor. I always loved music, but that dream just didn’t seem realistic living in my small Iowa town. Then towards the end of my senior football season I got terrible back pain. I played through it all the way into the first match of the wrestling season until I could barely walk off the mat. That week I found out my back was fractured in four places and my football days were over. I was crushed at first, but on the way home from the Doctor’s office I got kind of excited because I knew right then that I was going to make music the rest of my life.

What do you hope your listeners get out of your music?

I hope that my listeners always take away a “real life” positive message from my songs. That might be pretty basic, but I try to keep everything positive simply because I believe that’s what people need to hear more of. I even wrote a song called “Sad Songs” that is about how I don’t like singing sad songs. I’d rather write about why a breakup was a good thing, than how badly it hurt. I write a lot about love not only because I just got engaged, but because it is such a positive thing. It is a gift from God, the opposite of loneliness, and one of the most positive feelings that we feel as human beings. Throughout my social media and music I always try to be uplifting and inspire other’s to chase dreams, be the best version of themselves, and love like crazy.

Can you share same plans for future endeavors of your music?

I just graduated from MTSU with a degree in Audio Production, and I am currently working on my music more than I ever have. I’m writing and recording demos every day, so there will definitely be more releases, and there will be updates on social media as I move further into my career. I will also be playing shows in the Nashville area so stay tuned on my social media for those.

What is one thing that you think makes you stand out from other artists/musicians?

The first thing that comes to mind is I have a pretty unique voice and overall sound. I’ve been told many times that the music I’m making is unique, and that I don’t really sound like anyone else. Another thing is the fact that I’m writing about exactly what is going on in my life. The more songs that I release the more you will see it, but when I’m writing I never step outside the boundaries of who I am, even when writing with the super talented writers in Nashville. I just won’t sing anything that isn’t me. The last thing that makes me stand out from an appearance standpoint is my fitness image. I don’t mean to be arrogant or conceited because there’s plenty of guys out there with much better physiques than me, but I love working out and I tend to stand out with my “fit-musician” image. I’m actually an ACE certified personal trainer, and I love giving people fitness advice on Instagram. I started lifting weights with my dad and older brother before school in 5th grade and I’ve just never stopped. Like music, it’s something that I will never let go of and it’s just part of who I am.

What was your process in writing 24/7 and is it the same for your other songs that you write?

For “24/7” I was just playing my guitar for fun and when I found a cool chord progression the words just started flowing. I was in the middle of the season of my life where I was falling hard for my beautiful fiancé (Alyssa), and I was just thinking about how she drives me crazy in the happiest and most exciting way (not the annoying kind of “drive me crazy”). Then the first positive and fun thing that came to mind about driving something crazy was a fast car, and the line “she drives me crazy like a fast car, adrenaline flowing straight to the heart” was born. I wrote the first verse, recorded it into my iPhone, and let it sit for a while. I loved the verse, but I wanted to test it out on Alyssa. So I started singing it while she was in the other room, and when I stopped she came walking in and said “who’s song is that? I like it, “ and I said, “it’s yours.” So, after the first verse passed the girlfriend test I took it to my sister Kelsey Klingensmith, also known as Haven, and we wrote the rest of the song out on the trampoline in the back yard. Kelsey is an amazing writer for Demolition Music Publishing in Nashville, and it’s pretty awesome to be able to write some amazing songs with a sibling of mine. After the song was written I produced a demo at my house, and then took it to my friend Bryce Caine to do a final mix. After that I sent it off to get mastered and now it’s out on the internet for everyone to hear. I will say that I have used this same approach to songwriting where I just write a random verse and then bring it into a co-write, but it’s definitely not the only way I write. I also love to take time out of my day to just sit down with my songwriting idea notebook and write down hooks. I start buy writing down anything and everything that comes to mind, and then when I read it back I usually find a couple of good hooks for a song. Then I take that idea and write up to the hook. I also write to tracks that I produce, come up with something totally new in co- writes, start with melodies, start with poetry, and other things. There’s really no right or wrong way to do it as long as you end up with a good song.


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