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Luke Mills Brings Us Together With a Unique Music Video for, "Love Another Day"

Recently inducted into the Nebraska Country Music Hall of Fame, the singer-songwriter and artist Luke Mills shares a heartfelt music video for his latest single, "Love Another Day."

Sharing the stage with staple country acts like DAN+SHAY, Lee Brice, Dustin Lynch, and many more, Luke Mills is now becoming a staple country act himself through his unique performances and conceptual songwriting. Priding himself in presenting clean entertainment for the whole family to enjoy, Luke Mills stops at nothing until his fanbase is entertained and inspired.

Now releasing his feel-good song and video entitled "Love Another Day," Luke Mills offers listeners a bounty of hope to hold on to during these unpredictable days. While filling the video with various self-shot scenes of the Luke Mills team and their loved ones, the overall experience keeps love and hope at the forefront.

Listening to the single "Love Another Day," the track opens like the first ray of light to grace your face at the break of dawn. While accompanied by soulful and uplifting country instrumentals, Luke Mills powers through to push a heartfelt storyline of enjoying each moment for what it is. While counting his blessings and wishing to stay and "Love Another Day," Luke Mills truly offers nothing but life and energy through this single.

Taking a look at the music video, Luke Mills shares various scenes of families and friends enjoying their time together during our current circumstances. From shots of DIY home renovations and being swarmed with excitement by a beloved pooch to reminiscent scenes of Luke Mills' live performances, the video shares all the hope and faith we require.

Allow Luke Mills to keep you motivated with his heartfelt single "Love Another Day," and the song's accompanying music video.

We're more than pleased with the positivity and hope you've placed into your single and music video, "Love Another Day." What inspired you to create this single and motivate listeners?

The truth is that this is the 1st time that I had a tune speak more to me. I had been on the hunt in 2020 to do something I’d never done before and break out of my comfort zone as a songwriter. I had my first conversation with Joshua Olsen at Third And James Records in Denver CO and we were discussing what it would look like to work together with him in the producer seat. 30 minutes after our initial phone call he texted me the song Love Another Day by the group Endless Summer. I instantly knew that Josh understood my vision for where I wanted to go with my own writing and cutting Love Another Day was the perfect song to break the ice on a new songwriting journey together. It also is a tune that speaks to the strength and resilience to all of the unknowns in all of our lives and I feel that is really important right now considering the last year.

Did you face any difficulty when writing such inspirational and hopeful lyricism for your single "Love Another Day?" Or was this process rather straightforward?

Again, this will be the first track that I did not have a part in the writing process, but I wanted to definitely put my thumbprint on it and do my best to take it in a direction where more people in the world could hear this song the way I feel it and hear it in my soul. Love Another Day kind of felt like it came with a message and magic all on its own that made the tracking of the parts to the correct emotion in the vocal just all come together. From my perspective, it was like this song produced all of us involved and Josh Olsen just listened to it and put all the pieces together to make this a really special track.

What did you want your audience to feel after watching the DIY self-shot music video for "Love Another Day?"

I wanted the audience to know that when chasing down “the dream” there is so much more behind the scenes. There’s more to that 2-hour stage performance that the audience will never see. There’s more behind that 3-minute song on the radio that they will never hear. We all feel this way about parts of our lives. We all take each moment as it comes. We all have goals we are working towards. I wanted everyone who watches that video to feel good about what they are working towards no matter what it is and realize that every aspect of your life plays a vital role in the process of reaching any of your goals.

Seeing as you're known for creating such inspirational and family-friendly music, how do your music videos emphasize these themes?

I always want to portray hope. The world is a dark enough place for all of us. I’d like to think that using authentic images of love, family, friends, and hard work would speak to everyone and bring light to some dark places. I know those kinds of images resonate with me on a positive level so I do my best to create sounds and images that would inspire others in the same way.

What's next for you?

The music will not stop coming. 3 more singles are slated to release this year for sure and I’m looking at having a full-length record with all new songs out sometime in 2022. We have a really great summer ahead of us this year with a live show that we are extremely excited about. I just do my best each day one day at a time and push myself to do better than I did the day before. The next thing for me is to Love Another Day and keep repeating that.



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