Lulise Deliver Spectacular Vulnerability In New Hit “Taken”

Los Angeles native Lulise is paving the way in the music industry with her launch into a solo career. Tapping into her R&B roots, she'll have you mesmerized and dancing along with her addicting melodies and rhythmic hooks. Prior to blazing her own trail as a solo musician, Lulise has been writing and performing with pop duo Honey and Jude over the last 3 years. As a part of Honey and Jude, she co-wrote and collaborated with producers such as Andres Torres (Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato) and Chapters (5 Seconds Of Summer, Jessie J). In 2018, Lulise’s songwriting skills blossomed and bloomed, mentored by all-star songwriter Allan Rich (Whitney Houston, Ray Charles) penning her best songs yet. With natural talent and something to say, Lulise is here to stay.

“Taken” is a brand new R&B track from Lulise and we can’t get enough. It's a sultry new song that's laced with bluesy undertones and a groovy melodious hook. Lulise has a vocal register that’s finely-tuned beyond her years. The emotive lyricism is raw and truthful, we love artists that are able to be vulnerable and open through addicting contemporary rhythms. “Taken” is all about wanting what you can’t have. It tells a story of having feelings for someone who’s in a relationship and dealing with the feelings that come with that blow of realization. Lulise curates music that is easily relatable and perfect for anyone to vibe to. I highly recommend that you add this smooth new single to your playlists and stay on the lookout for up and coming solo act, Lulise. 

Check out “Taken” here and keep scrolling for our exclusive interview with Lulise.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Lulise! We hear this is your first year going solo with your music! Can you tell us how this experience has been for you so far?

Thank you so much for having me! Yes! Going solo has been quite the experience! After being in my duo, Honey and Jude, I was accustomed to having someone to share the load with and all of a sudden I had to do everything myself; creating content, writing the songs, video ideas, branding, running socials…everything! I could not be more grateful for everything I learned while performing with Honey and Jude. My time performing in the duo has definitely made me a better solo artist. What I have loved about going solo is that my voice and my vision is shining through more than it ever has before. I have loved discovering who I am, what I have to say and what it’s going to sound like.

How long have you been singing and performing? What do you love most about being on stage?

My whole life! I grew up singing in church, in local musical theater productions, in voice lessons & showcases, I went to LACHSA a performing arts high school, during high school I was doing regular local gigs singing in restaurants, went on to study music in college and now here I am! My favorite thing about performing is the freedom I feel when I am singing. There is truly no other feeling like it in the world! 

What does “Taken” mean to you? What inspired you to create "Taken"?

Taken is my favorite song I have put out to date! The chord progression, the melodies and the lyrics really tell the story of who I am as an artist. It was inspired by a real life situation I went through (i had a crush on a guy that I found out had a girlfriend </3) & I got to finish the song with one of my favorite artist/producers, Pretty Sister. I love that it shows off my voice, my writing ability and my vulnerable heart.

You are born and raised in Los Angeles, so amazing! How did your surroundings inspire you to pursue your dreams?

Everything about this city inspires me. From the people to the streets, from the mountains to the beach, LA is buzzing with inspiring energy emitting from the countless dreamers chasing their goals. There's never a dull or uninspiring moment in LA and I feel very blessed to live in this city.

What do you hope your listeners take away from your music?

I hope my music becomes apart of people’s lives. Whether it’s to get over a crush with ‘Taken’, or to feel confident & sexy with ‘Read My Hips’, I hope my songs become the soundtrack of the unforgettable memories in people’s lives.

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