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Lumen Craft Gives Us Diverse And Eclectic Melodies In “Stranger”

Remember the name now: Lumen Craft. A trio straight out of Sao Paulo, Brazil, Lumen

Craft present to us an eclectic mix of electronic, pop and indie genres—and this unique blend

of harmonies they manifest is quite a favorite in Brazil. This diverse-sounding band have

developed a loud reputation, performing on stages such as Sofar Sound Latin America, MECA

Inhotim Festival and Brazil’s Rock The Mountain. And this electro-pop trio isn’t stopping any

time soon—their recent release of “Stranger” is a song that gave us all the vibes we needed.

Lumen Craft effuses a lively body experience in “Stranger” with their crafted blend of

rhythms and synths. Right away the heavy and sultry beat overcomes you, and makes you feel

connected with the melody. We ultimately noticed how well the tone coordinated with the

vocals, intertwined with a continuous diverse harmony. The entire song complements itself and

ultimately had a great execution with smooth atmosphere it creates for the listener. Add

“Stranger” to your playlist here—we already have!

Listen to "Stranger" here.

Hey guys! Please tell our readers who each of you are.

Ceah - Producer

John - Vocalist

Noah - Guitarist

Can you describe the sound you initially envisioned for Lumen Craft?

We always wanted to achieve a balanced mix between blues, soul and electronic music, with a combination of live instruments, synths and drum machines.  We all have different histories in music but we found a common ground with Lumen Craft where we thrive, achieving different musical scopes in each step we take as a band.

Did “Stranger” execute the way you wanted it to as a group?

Stranger is a song we cherish for its bluesy feel, simplicity and riffs.  It certainly executed the way we envisioned, coming as a breath of fresh air. It has strong electronic elements as it does have a presence with vocals and guitars getting to a balance we have been seeking for.  

Since there are three of you, each with diverse imaginations, do you find you ever clash with ideas?

We usually work in a way that everyone has to be happy with the sound, if we don't get to this stage the track is not ready, so in that sense we do clash, but with friendly fires where we lift each other up, taking the best out of our musicanship.  

How did you three originally know you wanted to collaborate, and then form Lumen Craft?

We began producing some tracks, experimenting in the studio.  After a while we felt something began to take form.  We decided to produce more, that's when we noticed we had a hand full of songs that worked well together. It all happened very organically.


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