Lunarosa Sweeps You Away With “Take You With Me”

Drawing influence from artists such as The Beach Boys, The Beatles, and the Poozies, Lunarosa has built herself a reputation for creating beautiful sounding vocal harmonies. Picking up the ukulele and taking it on several surf trips was the true catalyst to her songwriting journey. Her most recent release, “Take You with Me”, showcases Lunarosa’s talents and positive energy in a way that keeps you intrigued and waiting for her next move in the industry.

“Take You with Me” is introduced with a prologue. We hear footsteps wandering through tall grass and immediately we are taken somewhere far away from our own reality. A ukulele is the first harmonic instrument to meet our ears. Lunarosa’s vocals come in with graceful reverbs and an atmosphere unmatched by other artists.

She sings the lyrics “I’m always pushing against the rolling tides” and we can’t help but relate the story to our own experiences. Stringed instruments and a silky piano texture build the song's momentum until we are overwhelmed with emotion. By the end of the song, you’ll be ready to hit the repeat button. We know you’ll love Lunarosa’s new song, “Take You with Me” just as much as we do.

Hello Lunarosa! We felt “Take You With Me” was a great representation of the positive energy you give off as a musician and an artist. Can you tell us what inspired you to write this song specifically? How did you decide the direction you wanted to take it in terms of production?

Oh thank you, that’s really sweet! Well, without going into too much detail, this song is kind of an emotional representation of an inner conflict I have, and perhaps other people may have experienced too, of loving someone so much and wanting to share a life with them by their side, but really needing to be in another place, devastatingly away from them. For me personally, it is about the deep-seated need and desire to experience the simpler pleasures, around nature, away from the city. I hope it resonates with people no matter what their reasons are.

I guess I wanted the production to be fairly simple for this one, the sound of a sole ukulele to start with, as that is how I have been playing in lockdown in Wales, in forests or by rivers just sitting and playing accompanied by vocals. But then I love the way Sol Seppy in ‘Enter One’ has this very simple voice and piano part to start, and then in the chorus, it kind of quietly explodes into a mass of reverb like she’s going underwater… I always had this idea that a video for Take You With Me would have images of being submerged in water, so I fitted the production ideas with the visuals in my head!

We hear you’ve done several surf trips with your ukulele, which has inspired you to write a lot of your material. How do you think the atmosphere and culture around you influence your writing?

Well, I suppose it is all about energy for me, whether that is coming from within or from something external. When I travel and am around surfing culture and feeling all that incredible positive energy, I tend to write more upbeat songs. They are often not the ones that make the cut however as I do tend to lean towards the more emotive songs I write. But, in winter if I am stuck indoors a lot in London, the songs get too downbeat, so they don’t seem to get finalized either as I don’t want to depress everyone do I!?

You have a very distinct vocal style and sound to your music. How has your musicality and artistry developed over the years into what it is today? Do you think being a part of multiple music groups has helped you grow?

Thank you, well definitely, every band and musical project I’ve been a part of has influenced me in some way. From the instrumentation to the string arrangements to the production. You also learn so much from other songwriters and by going into different recording studios, you pick up ideas on how various instruments can be put together to create something…also being around other musicians with diverse music tastes can also massively take you down new creative paths of your own.

What is your biggest goal to accomplish in the music industry? Is this being worked on currently?

I’m currently working on my craft and finding my sound, reaching out to new fans, and creating a community that cares about the music and general ethos. I am currently working on a live gig set so that I can be more active in the music industry’s live music sphere. I’m also working on gaining more coverage in music publications and get some more radio play.

What's keeping you inspired throughout 2020?

So many things right now! I find I am being inspired by the changes and magic of nature all around me, various revolutionary shifts happening in the world at the moment, seeing acts of love and heroism and lastly, I’m pretty inspired by all that I am seeing on Instagram, people being more creative than ever. I get inspired also by other peoples’ stories, people opening up to me about the complexities of their emotions or life situations - somehow COVID has brought about a need for truth and honesty, either within themselves or outwardly with other people, and that can lead to profound transformation. Speaking of which, I’m delving more and more into spirituality and the idea of human consciousness awakening and evolving, I am inspired by Eckhart Tolle and the power of meditation. I am drawn to artists such as Rhye, who seem to be actualizing a sense of community and healing alongside their music and art, all very inspiring.