Luo'xia Moji Keeps it Versatile with Latest Release "Valley"

Twenty-year-old music artist Luo'xia Moji hails from Philadelphia and is beyond ready to showcase his resourceful take on music. As a passionate, well-rounded guy, Luo'xia Moji fills his motivation with the drive to succeed for himself, and his version of success is the raw truth. He wants to impart wisdom, encouragement, and various emotions onto listeners who seek some guidance. If you're carefully listening, you'll extract something meaningful from the music of Luo'xia Moji.

Luo'xia Moji has released his song titled "Valley." The sound of Luo'xia Moji within this track is incredibly impressive, as his inspiration draws from so many different music artists. "Valley" comes right off of Luo'xia Moji's latest EP "Moji's World Peace." The entirety of the album offers a varied and eclectic persona.

Getting back to the emotive of "Valley," it's clear that Luo'xia Moji wanted to create an elusive and low-key environment for his listeners. Bringing in warm and slow instruments such as the trombone, but holding a consistent beat to bring in that more contemporary melody. Luo'xia Moji's vocal outflow is a bit of a mish-mash between various artists, and "Valley" in particular felt quite the mix between Anderson Paak and Kendrick Lamar. Picture the two artists together, completely slowed down in order to create that almost mystifying effect he so perfectly captures within "Valley. Looking at the song's entirety, "Valley" is stimulating in many diverse ways, and Luo'xia Moji greatly showed his artistic versatility.

Let's dive right into the lyrical composition of "Valley". What was the imposed message for this song and why did you choose this particular directive?

Don't be afraid to take time to yourself and be alone. You will come across moments in your life where you feel stuck and don't seem to know which direction or path to take in life. And in most times, it gets more frustrating and difficult because of distractions. Some people don't give themselves their own time to collect themselves and really get to decide what's for them and what's not. Other people are just afraid to be alone. I want you to know it is okay to be alone and that your mental health should always come first before anything. 

What kind of productional properties of "Valley" were most attractive in your opinion? 

The delivery, tones, and textures of the song really shine through! The delivery itself enhances the meaning and message that the song is giving, whereas the different tones in the song are more so like your conscious speaking. The beat behind it is the icing that seals the mood for the entire song. It's soulful with guitars and other instruments so vibey that is like ear porn, so In my opinion, these qualities together make an amazing track. 

Teaching yourself the various talents you have today, including mixing, recording, and mastering your own music, do you feel that you have somewhat of an advantage within your own music as a result?

Most definitely! Being able to mix and master my own music gives me endless possibilities and is like the Kingdom Key of being an independent artist. Having those skills, when I know what type of sound I want in a particular song I can just give myself that sound and also not have to rely on anybody to get things done for me either. I can say I did this and that it's my work! Plus, you can save yourself money. The long hours of learning are definitely worth it. Lots of all-nighters and long nights for sure. What're some next moves you're planning on making within the next few months? Any virtual live-shows listeners should mark down on their calendars?

I perform in Philly September, 26 for an Open Mic/ Art Gallery at the "Philly Art Collective Gallery". Along with that, I plan to release some soulful vibes within the next couple of weeks, as well as release some music with my group "Shcuba Gang". I plan to have a virtual live-show too for people who are far away! More info about that will be on my social media.  What would you say is your biggest goal that you'd like to achieve with your music by the end of 2020?

My goal is to really connect with myself and with my craft, finding my niche with the different types of music I would love to put out. I want to have releases that are within genres such as Rock, Pop, Alternative, and more. I want to have at least a small fan base of dedicated listeners. Other than that, I'm going to continue putting work in and the rewards will come when it's earned. You guys can expect a lot from me soon so stay tuned.