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Luv Troi Sparks 'Mania,' Across the Contemporary Hip-Hop Scene

From San Diego to Los Angeles, the hip-hop artist, producer, and singer-songwriter Luv Troi releases his highly anticipated 13-track mixtape entitled 'Mania.'

Initially, Luv Troi planned to release the 5-track EP 'Mania' last summer, but after obtaining the unforeseen opportunity to expand his writing capabilities, he later decided to hold off on the project's release and create eight more dynamic tracks. When speaking on the project, Luv Troi mentioned, "The project is about a young person figuring out who they are and their purpose in this era full of information, pretty girls, overindulgent culture, and social media."

Opening the album is the introductory track, "REGARDLESS," which sets the project's contemporary hip-hop tone through Luv Troi's smooth vocal stylings and incredibly melodic sonics. Merely within the first track, Luv Troi presents his highly versatile approach through emotional hooks and low/deep vocal delivery. Moving onto "100 ZERO," Luv Troi maintains the refreshing emotional tones through warm instrumentals and crisp drum breaks, which carries over into the next tune, "VIDEO."

This track takes listeners on a more expansive Juice Wrld-type journey, primarily through Luv Troi's groaning and emotional vocals that drift alongside his punchy kicks and sub-bass. While the next track, "BETTER," opens with a fluid piano melody, it quickly drops into a highly reflective piece through Luv Troi's steady delivery while fueling the concept with themes of love and unimaginable passion. The same passionate theme continues throughout the next track, "CUFFED," as Luv Troi exudes nothing but desire through his smooth vocals and sultry instrumentation. Not to mention the savory saxophone elements and punchy drum breaks, we truly adore the sonic and lyrical atmospheres that Luv Troi has painted thus far.

Next up is Luv Troi's previously released single, "PINK," which opens as snazzy and jazzy as contemporary hip-hop can be. With help from the down-tempo drums and melodic keys, Luv Troi expels nothing but pure passion while riding the sensual beat. Hyping us up with an ode to old-school, "VILLAINOUS," this track stands out as our favorite, as the sonics blends nostalgic drum breaks with modern synths/sub-bass to keep us hooked. We must also note Luv Troi's 6LACK-like delivery on this piece, as he touches on sounds of contemporary r&b as well. Spicing our days with the next tune, "WARDEN ACT," Luv Troi livens the album's energy through his tribute to modern hip-hop lyricism and the refreshing sonic arrangement.

Landing on the next piece, "FILM," Luv Troi brings us back into a heavily introspective theme through the wavy sonics and his warm/deep vocal delivery. While touching on sultry and desirous lyrical themes, Luv Troi brings us deeper into the album while transitioning into the next track and previously released single, "ODOYK." Another lively and melodic hip-hop tune, we can't help but feel similarities to acts like MGK and Lil Peep through Luv Troi's emotional delivery and the song's alt-punk/contemporary hip-hop feel. Reach the eleventh track, "NEW 2000," blistering sub-bass overpowers the tune while Luv Troi delivers his low and ominous vocals to deepen the album's vibes and atmospheres.

Opening the next track, "DAYGER," is emotional and melodic electric guitars, sweetening the sonics with the utmost passion with help from Luv Troi's delicious vocal delivery. We genuinely feel refreshed after listening to this piece, as Luv Troi brings us deep into incredibly versatile lyrical and sonic landscapes. Reaching the album's outro track, "WCF," Luv Troi ends the project on a vibrant note through this r&b-inspired tune. While discussing lyrical themes of thriving on the West Coast and working hard on his creative craft, Luv Troi rides the smooth and psychedelic beat with vast poise and composure.

Lose yourself in Luv Troi's diverse 13-track mixtape, 'Mania,' and share some love with the West Coast creative as he continues charging through our industry as a versatile force to be reckoned with.

Hello Luv Troi and welcome to BuzzMusic. We have to say, we're truly blown away by the lyrical and sonic versatility within your recent mixtape, 'Mania.' What inspired you to hold off on the project's release and add eight more tracks to create the final product?

Thank you, means a lot. I had a solid 5 song project by July 2020, but I felt like I could add more depth and capture all the feelings for “mania” with more tracks. In the end, I’m so glad I held off because the final version of the mixtape is so much more professional and fun, I’m super content with it.

What inspired the diverse and dynamic sonic/instrumental approaches within your mixtape, 'Mania'? Why did you want to add elements of various genres like hip-hop, r&b, alternative, and punk?

That’s all me and my good friend cleme having fun. when we make beats together and even on our own we just make what we feel in the moment. We both listen to very different things and take inspiration from all sorts of artists. A lot of nights we would make one of each type of song instead of a bunch of the same kind of songs each session. Also, I feel like the way we approached it went along with the meaning of “MANIA” crazy, fun, and exciting.

What did your creative process look like when creating the mixtape 'Mania' from your bedroom this past year? Did you experience any highs and lows during this process?

Late nights with clem just making a better tune with each try. I constantly listen to all my demos, it makes me both content with my work and hungry to make something ten times better. I definitely felt frustrated in late 2020 about mania because I was adding more songs and I felt like I was losing the direction of it all. But that was really just me being very amateur about it. I had no branding plan or visuals made. I didn’t have the final tracklist close to done. But then in January, I really dug in, got my vision on set, and from there it made the mixtape all I could think about.

Which track are you most proud of within your mixtape, 'Mania'? What makes this specific track so meaningful to you?

I feel like my answer is different every time I’m asked this question. Right now, it’s gotta be “villainous” I really think that track embodies the project and my brand perfectly. Cleme and I had a great time making that track back in October/November and I really enjoy making that boom-bap, sample-driven sound.



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