LVXI Shares Her Sensual & Passionate Music and Talks 2019 Re-cap!

Alternative R&B artist LVXI had an insanely productive 2019. She was hustling to create the very sounds her listener's received, and we have to note that most of these sounds executed amazingly. There's absolutely no way her voice could've been forgotten this year with us here at BuzzMusic. Her thoughts and aspirations, communicated through her music, are presented in such a magical and mystic way. If you want to understand what we mean, give a listen to one of her track releases off of her self-titled EP. Contrastingly, one of her recent releases "What I'm Gon Do" has come out, giving an intriguing divergence to her sound. The track features that characterizable mysterious aspect that's exclusive to LVXI's sound. The hint of capricious sound that LVXI emulates is what makes her so eclectic, and difficult to define in a precise manner. Nevertheless, if we had to describe the fashion of LVXI's music and sound over 2019, it would be versatile, dynamic, and metaphysical. 

The alluring and stimulating appeal that LVXI persists with during her tracks is a pinnacle to her sound. You can sense the free and calming aspect LVXI has to her character easily with her 2019 EP release "LVXI".

One track right from the EP, "Views", has similar elements that "What I'm Gon Do" carries, but contains more of an angelic and atmospheric production, which made the song extremely ethereal ambiance. "All I Want" takes on a completely contrasting vocal performance than other previously mentioned tracks fro LVXI, and this is mainly due to those heavy and striking vocal ballads on LVXI's end. And wow, saying they're powerful is almost an understatement. LVXI puts her absolute passion into this track, and it's so easy to say that once giving it a listen to. You can't just hear it, you can 100% feel it. It's our favorite track off of the EP, and from what 2019 saw of LVXI. There's a huge tracklist of notable releases from LVXI this year, and we hope the BuzzMusic readers decide to give some of them a listen to!

Discover the 2019 sounds of LVXI here.

Hello, LVXI! Welcome back to BuzzMusic. You've seriously had a stellar 2019 with your current tracklist of the year! Congratulations on the EP release as well! How do you feel artistically now that 2019 is coming to an end?

Thanks so much. 2019 has been a whirlwind—I feel like I closed one chapter and opened a new one. It took me over 5 years in LA to find my sound as an artist and actually write/record the EP. It was a struggle to create work I loved and I even worried I may never release work. After I finally released the EP, it was a HUGE relief—in fact, I thought I would call it quits on music after... but life happened and I can honestly say that experiencing pain and vulnerability opened up a well of creativity I never knew I had. I’ve never felt more inspired in my life. While the EP reflected a chapter in my life where I embraced cold, hard ambition and independence, I’ve now written over 30 songs that show a more relatable, emotional side of me. 2020 is going to be a riot. I think it’s going to be my true year of becoming. 

When we thoroughly gave a listen to your EP, we instantly fell in love with "All I Want". The song was extremely touching, and your emotion packed into the track was what really won it over for us. Was it difficult to manifest this passion you put into "All I Want" during the recording process, or do you get into your own state and easily express it?

I knew that “All I Want” needed to represent a pivotal break from the rest of the EP. The other songs explored themes of power/manipulation (Chess), ego (Views), destructive ambition (Let Go) and hedonism (Take Me), which were all struggles I was going through at the time, so I wanted “All I Want” to feel like a release from all that... like a wake-up call. It wasn’t hard to manifest the passion because I was really yearning at this point to be free. I just let myself go and write in a stream of consciousness, with a tinge of delirium (“oh universe, you’ve been interrupted”). Sometimes clarity is found in our most chaotic moments.

The dreamy ambiance to your songs is such a characterizable trait of what LVXI entails. Talk to us more about that production side to your music, and how the exclusive LVXI sound gets synthesized!

Thanks! I’m really inspired by some of the electric, pop, trap & R&B fusion that’s going on these days (ie. Gallant, Alina Baraz, Sabrina Claudio). My producer for the EP, JR Keys and I often referenced The Weeknd and Drake when experimenting with our soundscape and vocal effects. Lots of reverb and minimalist vocals contrasted with cinematic beats to achieve an ethereal, dreamy quality. My current producers for my upcoming album, Sam Taylor and Michael Nocny, both specialize in moody, seductive beats and so I’m really excited about the work that we’re releasing next year. 

You moved to LA to pursue your passion for music. How has 2019 treated you with the curation and production of the LVXI sound?

I touched on this in my earlier question, but in 2019 I really honed in on my artistic sound while adapting it to diverse styles. My EP leaned darker than how I planned it (I used to list Zara Larsson as an influential, but I’m definitely not as pop these days). As an artist, I would say that my recent work has gotten catchier and more intimate, which you’ll see in my recent singles “Better” and “What I’m Gon Do.” I’ve also experimented with applying my artistry across different styles & moods, ranging from Alicia Keys retro soul to SZA / Frank Ocean freestyle rap-singing.  In fact (secret!)...I’ll be dropping a Latin inspired song soon! But through it all, it still sounds like me, like my unique sound. That’s the cool part. 

Your debut album is set to go live within the spring of 2020! That's incredibly exciting to hear. How has the album production been thus far?

So. Excited. We are chugging along - we whittled 30 songs down to 15-16 that we think fit together and I already know which are going to be the singles and get visuals. My boy Sam (who I found in Upwork and lives in the UK) is finishing up beats for a few more songs, and Michael and I are in the studio recording every week. The creative collaboration is awesome and I’m learning a lot in the process about how to take my raw material and turn it into a polished marketable piece of work. I’m also in the middle of prepping for my first music video that we’re shooting in January - it’s gonna have Bonnie & Clyde outlaw vibes. 

Thanks always, LVXI! We love getting the chance to chat about your recent music. From here on out, where is LVXI going once 2020 hits?

Absolutely! 2020 is going to be the year. I’m hard at work trying to build up my social media platforms so I can reach more people with my music (for those reading, please follow me on Spotify and IG - hugely thankful for the support!). I also plan to shoot at least 3 music videos with my upcoming album and release a few more singles before the big album drop. I would love to do some more interviews too when the work is out because a LOT was going through my mind while writing that I’d love to share with others. It’s gonna be a crazy year. Crazy. I would also love to perform my new songs- not to sound narcissistic, but I love each of them so much, and I think they’d be so cool to perform live. Thank you Buzz Music!