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Lydia Sutherland Says Do It, "Date A Friend"

Montreal-based singer-songwriter and pop/country artist Lydia Sutherland releases a romantic and passionate venture with her latest single, "Date A Friend."

The 22-year-old professional songwriter has a natural gift for conveying her emotions and expressing herself through song. Sutherland has written songs for artists in Canada, the U.S., and Australia. With help from her unique and luscious voice, Lydia Sutherland has become an unforgettable act across the independent music scene.

Now dropping her passionate and meaningful single, "Date A Friend," Lydia Sutherland expands on her experience falling in love with her best friend and crossing the friendship boundary line even when she was encouraged not to. "Date A Friend" is a song that speaks on how intimate friendships can be and how naturally it can lead to something more. It can be the easiest and most special feeling ever, even when it's not meant to be forever," Sutherland explained.

Plunging into the single, "Date A Friend," the song kicks off with a smooth banjo and mid-tempo claps alongside a bright piano melody. As Lydia Sutherland makes her breathy and tender vocal appearance, she begins to expand on how others encouraged her to steer away from forming a relationship with her best friend.

We're wildly impressed with Lydia Sutherland's ability to convey those lingering emotions through song, especially as she elaborates on how she's established a platonic relationship with her best friend and his entire family. The song's bright and anthemic instrumentals swoon our ears while leaving us tapping our feet until the song's very last beat.

Go ahead, "Date A Friend," and allow Lydia Sutherland to remind you why. Find "Date A Friend" on all digital streaming platforms.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic Lydia Sutherland. We love the entire listening experience you've provided with your latest single, "Date A Friend." How did this song help you navigate your relationship during those confusing times?

For a while, I was really bitter. After the relationship ended I was so easily taken over by fear, what if’s and all the negatives that come with a breakup. Date A Friend really helped me shine a light on all the positives. It reminded me how special that connection was and why I should be thankful I ever got to experience it in the first place.

What was your songwriting process like for "Date A Friend?” Was it hard to come up with the right words when expressing your confused emotions, or did it all come naturally?

I wrote the song with two of my good friends Robyn Ottolini and Chris Yurchuck. As soon as I came up with the idea, I knew they’d be the perfect team to write it with because they already knew all about the story and where my heart was at. I have to say they definitely made the process a lot easier. Emotionally, it was definitely a weird one to write fresh out of the breakup but I have them to thank for keeping me on track and keeping the story authentic.

Who helped you out in the studio when creating the instrumentals for "Date A Friend?” What was that experience like?

My producers Spencer Cheyne and Justin Kudding are the masterminds behind this production. What I love most about working with those guys is they’re not scared to push boundaries and try stuff you haven’t necessarily heard on country music. They get me and my ideas so they’re always such a dream to work with. The experience was amazing and the studio days will forever be my favorite!

Would you say that most of your songs are inspired by love and desire, similar to "Date A Friend?” What themes do you often bring forward with your music?

Date a Friend is definitely one that stands out in my catalog because I’ve only ever been through that kind of story once before. Everything I write is so personal to what I go through at the moment that every single song ends up being so different. I’m 23, so I'm still in that super weird transitional phase of my life. I’m writing about themes like body image, self-love, heartbreak, losing friends, making new ones, falling in and out of love. Literally, the most real things you go through as a young adult, I probably bring up - no filter in these next songs and on this upcoming EP.


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