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Lyle Oliver On How He Lives Life With A Classic “Busch Party”

Lyle is a Scottish-born singer/songwriter from Thornbury, Ontario. He shares his life experiences musically with a touch of country that'll have you singing along to the most refreshing "Busch Party" song in no time.

Lyle has created an excellent name for himself as a published artist for Disney and has worked with many great people to incorporate different views into his music. His previous solo single dabbled on the side of classic country rock, and as time progressed, he incorporated his love for country music and grew further into that genre.

"Busch Party" has a western, country mood, pushing this record to a cinematic place under the stars around the bonfire. "Underneath the moonlight" helps bring us away from the city and into the wild with bushfire, beer, and vibes!

Lyle Oliver opens up "Busch Party" with his compelling yet, inviting lyrics that take us to a bonfire miles out from the city with the gripping country guitar and western accent in the vocal delivery. Taking the listener somewhere special, keeping you captivated and entertained from the get-go, Lyle Oliver paints vivid pictures of their night around the fire with his fellow friends. On the outskirts of the town, craving that escape, he plans the night and gets the gang together.

Spending the night having a "Busch Party", the drinks are flowing, the blankets for the cold night are present with the presents of the night sky stars for the ultimate night with friends. "4am and still going strong", listening to their favorite tunes and having drinks and conversations, they feel distant from the normal city life and at ease with nature.

Lyle Oliver brings cinematic lyrics to help the listener picture and feels exactly how they felt around that bonfire at their "Busch Party."

Welcome to BuzzMusic Lyle Oliver! We're so pleased to have you with us today! We love your new record "Busch Party" what drove the concept of this record? Could you tell us a bit about the creative direction?

The creative direction for Busch Party was essentially Covid 19. Covid sucked the life out of society. As humans, we are social animals, and society was not able to socialize during the pandemic. Even now, most people don’t socialize at pre-pandemic levels. We all needed to get out and live and be around people and have fun. To party and just let our hair down. For some, this meant having bush parties. Busch party incorporated Busch beer and created a more interesting song title. Once I had the title, the lyrics kind of reflected my thoughts on Covid. Also knew that I wanted this to be a party song with a big memorable chorus. One person would want to sing along. I think that I have achieved that.

When creating a record like "Busch Party," what were some of the challenges or moments that stood out for you? During the creative process, the nice thing was the feedback that I got from people around the song and people who I let hear the tune. There was a genuine buzz about the song and positive comments. Comments like this is an earworm were used. Can’t get this out of my head. So I was happy about that. I think I tapped into something people could relate to. A song that would make people feel good. I am primarily a storyteller at heart. If you look at my material, I try to have strong lyrics in all of my songs. Lyrics that evoke strong images and lyrics that are relatable. The lyrics are as important as the music to me as the music in all my songs. I try hard not to write throw-away lyrics. I think the verses give the image of sitting around the bone fire with friends and an acoustic guitar, and that the chorus gives off the big party vibe where we are all just having fun.

"Busch Party" lyrically paints beautiful night images around the bonfire. How has your lyrical ability helped your creative process when getting specific ideas and concepts into audio form?

Most of my releases are based on life experiences. I have always loved being a storyteller, and for me, country music has always had that as a part of the music. I also have always liked to try and write memorable, catchy choruses that anyone can sing along to. I hope that I write music that people connect to and want to sing along to and feel good about.

How have your life experiences and upbringing affected your choice of genre (and sound) or concept selections when creating records?

I would like to expand my audience and continue to write meaningful and relatable songs. My next release will not be another Busch Party. I always try to grow as an artist and songwriter and try to keep people guessing as to how my next release will sound. I can tell you now my next release does not sound like Busch Party. I would also like to perhaps write for other artists. Just wanna find a home for my songs and get them out to as many people as I can. Hopefully, in the end, make people happy and have a smile on their faces.


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