Lyncs and GOLDHOUSE Collaborate to Produce, "Evergreen," a House Remix With an Invigorating Vibe

"Evergreen's" remix feels like being in an ocean party, waves of melody crashing over you, plunging you deeper into a whirlpool of house music juiciness, and only letting you surface for the airiness in Lyncs's pristine voice. With oscillating pads and a punchy quarter-note pumping rhythm, this track is oozing with dance-like qualities.

It's a world away from the original figure of Lync's original rendering, most notably with a refreshing tempo change and some production flares. Yet still, it works for its context and setting, giving this Lancaster-native a new magic carpet to ride on the waves of her musical success.

Like most house/electronic dance happenings, it creeps on slowly. Lync's voice gives us chills with the way her carriage of the notes espouses with the magnetizing dance-beat. In the pre-chorus, Lyncs echoes dissolve into the atmosphere of this expansive mix, while an impending drop slowly builds below us. Before we have a moment to prepare ourselves, the initial drop carries us into the chorus's singalong like-hook, "they say to find it in me, and grow to be evergreen, evergreen, evergreen." As she rings out the words, her reverberations bend and morph into their own unique harmonies, and evaporate like clouds. It's easy to imagine this song pumping out of the thousand-watt speaker at VELD or Ultra Music Festival as the firework show erupts behind you in the closing crescendo of the night. And as the song evolves into its final chords, Lync's addictive topline and GOLDENHOUSE'S keen-edged production, make "Evergreen" present as a gift to any independent music lover who is ready to mingle with delight.

What were some discerning features in this song that you think only GOLDHOUSE's could have come up with or provided?

My favorite moments of GOLDHOUSE’s production have to live in the chorus. I really love the house elements he brought to the forefront as well as the added vocal effects and impacts. He really transformed the song and gave it a new life in a way I’ve never heard before or could have imagined. 

Who or what has had the most meaningful influence in your life musically thus far?

My biggest inspiration for writing comes from small moments that we all can connect or relate to. I want to write songs that anyone around the world could feel or plant themselves into the story and I hope that resonates in my writing! 

Can you speak to some of your experiences collaborating and working with GOLDHOUSE on this remix? 

GOLDHOUSE is currently based in LA and I am based in NYC, so it was so exciting to work on a coast to coast project and melt both of our sounds together. I think one of my favorite moments was our first interaction, which was us talking about the meaning of the song and how he connected with it in his own way. Nothing compared to hearing the first demo he sent over and how he brought his own voice to Evergreen. 

Are you looking at any more collaboration for the rest of 2020?

I am constantly looking for more ways to connect with artists and work on as much music as possible! Especially right now during COVID-19 while all of us creatives are stuck at home. The more the merrier! 

What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020?

2020 has been a whirlwind of a year, I’m sure everyone reading this can relate! Keeping inspired hasn’t been too hard for me though. I’ve been keeping in contact with family and friends, and trying to still connect with new people in new ways (which is who I get inspired by the most)! I’ve also been able to still release videos and music on a schedule, which feels like a miracle. I truly am beyond impressed by other artists who are also able to release music and keep creating during this time. It’s amazing seeing everyone come together during unforeseen circumstances and I couldn’t be prouder of the music community in 2020.