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Lyncs' Lays It On The Line In “miss u”

American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Lyncs showers us with a radiant daydream in her newest heartfelt single, "miss u."

Known for her daydream choruses, indie-rock vocals, and star-like textures, Lyncs's powerful songwriting has already proven her as an unmatched talent in our industry. From Lancaster, PA, to Los Angeles, Lyncs has been busy telling her story to try and find what connects us all.

One force that connects us all is the strongest human emotion we can feel, love. And that's what Lyncs brings to the table in her serene and sincere new single, "miss u." The song will be followed by Lyncs's forthcoming EP, I Already Know The Ending, written and produced alongside Keith Varon and Rob Ernst.

Diving into the lush new single, "miss u," we're met with distant electric guitar buzzes and Lyncs's chilling vocals that linger into the first verse. Her breathy vocals and angelic background vocals portray such pure and unbridled passion, especially as she leaps over to the hook with the warm pop sonics while confessing how she misses someone special.

This song is packed with such genuine emotion that it will please the ears of any listener. Lyncs's poetic songwriting and her soothing performance stylings wrap listeners into a sonic hug while she continues expressing her deepest emotions for someone who's got her hooked. It's an authentic and passionate page torn straight from Lyncs's diary, and we simply can't get enough of it.

Is someone on your mind? We've got a new tune for your life's soundtrack, none other than Lyncs's "miss u." Find the new single on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Lyncs. What was your source of inspiration behind such a passionate and feel-good single like "miss u?" What led you to create this piece?

Thanks for having me! I started writing “miss u” when I first moved to LA and was away from my childhood best friend. We’ve known each other since the 4th grade, and it really hit me how I won’t be able to see her again in the same way. We used to go on these drives after school with a destination to nowhere and just fantasize about life in the future. I wrote the song as an ode to those moments that, if I could go back and tell myself to cherish, I would have. Sometimes the simplest moments are the most magical.

What was your experience working alongside producer Keith Varon for "miss u?" How did he help execute your ideas and visions?

Working with Keith is always a treasure. He’s an incredible producer and really understands the vision I have for my music. Sometimes it even feels like he’s in my head, pulling the sounds from the record spinning in my mind. Our process is pretty much the same every time - I come into the studio with the song pretty much written and produced, and we’ll sit and listen. With “miss u,” we didn’t change any of the lyrics or structure from the demo, but the elements Keith added and the energy really are what I think makes the song shine.

What was your favorite part about creating this lush new single, "miss u"? Was it fun to be so open and passionate when creating it?

I really wanted to go in a new direction with this track - darker, spacier, moodier, with more power and energy. I always love the process of finding those opening lyrics, and for “miss u,” it just wrote itself. Once it was written, I had a BLAST getting to compose more of the parts, like the guitar lead and the harmonies. I think being open about what you’re hearing with a writing and production partner is SO important. Keith and I definitely hear a lot of the same things when it comes to “what’s next,” and being able to discuss changes and direction openly and honestly makes for a great environment to be creative in.

Could you tell us more about your upcoming EP, I Already Know The End? Should we expect to see "miss u" on the tracklist?

Haha. I definitely can’t give too much away, but I’m beyond excited about this release. It’s the best music I’ve ever written, and I’m entering a new era of sound and discovery. If you enjoyed “miss u,” it's just scratching the surface as the opening track.

What's next for you?

So much is next! I’m releasing a new EP in the new year titled “I Already Know The Ending.” I had to take a hiatus at the start of 2022, so I’m eager to release these next songs and play shows again once I’m recovered. I was in a snowboarding accident that amputated my left thumb. It’s healed now, but I’m excited to play shows again and connect with fans again in person.

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