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Lyndon Laveaux Aims for the Jugular Over his Menacing New Single, "Earn the Title"

Lyndon Laveaux has made a name for himself as the ominous Rapper who croons over his unshaken cadence with a Sinister drawl.

Songs like "Moonlight," and "Delicious" garnished him with a captivated following after the young budding Floridian gave his fans his all over provocative descriptions of how he'd rip up his competition in more ways than one; and his most recent sonic escapades don't fall far from that same description. His latest lyrical stabbings on "Earn the Title" aim to clear that he's been reigning over the dominions of East-coast Rap for a long time, and he's not leaving his shadowy thrones of the underground just yet.

Lyndon Laveaux has the inert ability to transport us into sonic environments festering with menacing characteristics, sinister-sounding atmospheres, and devastating shot-gun verbiage over every bend and turn that he chaperones us on. It's a staple in his aesthetic, and it's a classification that settles-in comfortable over this provocative knee-buckling mix.

Opening with the sinister harmonics that render implicative of our worst nightmares, Laveaux dissolves from beneath the obscurations of his production with a super-imposed grin. We don't know it yet, but he's about to muster up some of the most instigative spit-fire verbosities we've heard from him until now.

His cantankerous attitude develops over a slow-simmering backdrop that intensifies with the same cadence as the Miami-bred rhymester's blustering brags. The beat here is toned down, almost muted for the first few moments while Laveaux divulges his monologue-like compulsions with a foreboding tone. But then, the filters are ripped off, and the East-coaster's true Emcee form takes flight over the buoyancy of his self-proclamations.

Every audible hook and texture you would imagine from a Horror movie soundtrack is found here; screeching pads, scintillating and ominous drones, and ghost-like reverb. And it all lands healthy amongst the threatening demeanor that Laveaux renders so vividly on this thematic cut.

It's a flagship approach of blazoning over one pivotal message: He's earned his notorious title, he's had it for a while, and he's here to represent the 3.0.5. till he dies.

Hello Lyndon, and welcome back to BuzzMusic. What were some of the emotions you had to extract in order to get the profound and aggressive take that you feature on, "Earn the Title," and is this something you channel into often?

Well with this song this was a way for me to plant my flag in a sense, it was a chance to show the foundation that Dooley (my hip hop OG /Big Brother) Ruben Raymond (Big Brother/Member of The Track Burnaz) had established for me, alongside Ray Mitchell and Joshua Hockey (my current engineer and my first one), I had the chance with this record to show what I've been able to do because of these beautiful individuals who pushed me from the beginning to be my best self, as an artist and more importantly as a human being. I wanted to push my pen to the max with this song, I wanted to make the pillars in my life proud, I wanted to show them that I wasn't a waste of their time. What pushed the aggression with this record is my passion, I love the craft of being an MC, each time I step in the booth is a chance to elevate myself as an artist, I can only hope I did that with this song, I wanted to prove that hard work pays off especially when you apply that energy to your craft.

Where did the conception of this song first arrive? Were you in the midst of a creative splurge, or was this a track that sort of landed on your lap naturally after a while?

Well there's this video game that my little brothers and I were really into as a kid, it was The Legacy of Kain Series, I was always intrigued by the Vampyre King Kain, so I wanted to make a song that felt like I was establishing something, it was inspired by Kain in the sense that him in the series did the most to hold on to his power, although I wouldn't set up a betrayal the way he did in the video game, in his own way he did his best to establish for his family, my decisions such as a putting out a record such as this was to show that I and mine are here to stay and through our craft, you gonna have to respect us. Ruben Raymond of The Track Burnaz was the core for this beat, he heard my idea for making this song that spoke to our royalty and he rode that wave to create perfection and then JB another member of TB mixed the record and added immense flavor to it which produced the song you hear. What keeps me pushing myself as an artist is the incredible creatives I keep in my corner.

How did you go about developing the ominous and slow-simmering curation of energy behind this track, and what inspired that strategy in the first place?

I gave this game a few candy tracks in the sense of giving you "hit party records" but this time around I wanted to establish that I'm an MC in the real sense and I challenge myself each time I step in the booth.

If you could say a few words to your listeners that would stand as the prologue to this track's experience, what would you say, and why?

Push yourself, even when it feels like folks don't believe in you, and trust the people in life who you know in your soul want the best for you, I remember when my brother Ruben said a couple of years ago that "I can't wait to see you in 5 years" at the time due to insecurity I said to myself "I'm dope now, tf he talking about" but now I see the brilliance that is my big bro, he knew I could go farther and he was right cause truly there's more for me to do as a creative, but I can see what Rube saw, he believed in me and saw where I can and will continue to grow into. Trust your soul and prove yourself right with every step you take, your instinct is connected to the Source of all life, trust that.

What can we expect to see next from you?

Solo music videos/singles, my album Earn The Title coming soon, The Princess of Swaggfia (my creative clique) Rocki will be releasing new music soon, Collab's with The First Lady Swaggfia Disanti (coming soon), of course, I'm working with one of my favorite artist/human/brother being Young Tez, and of course my family Ray Mitchell, The Track Burnaz, Nathan Bankston, The Wiley Rogue, Silver Screens, we got more to do, and trust we dropping nothing but quality. Have an EP, a few projects just know Dooley coming with that heat, no weak links in my circle.


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