Lyndon Laveaux’s Latest Single “Ay Papi” Ft. DISANTI Takes Us on a Virtual Vacation

Miami bred rapper/producer Lyndon Laveaux returns with his catchy single “Ay Papi” Ft. DISANTI. After a lifelong journey finding his forte as a rapper, Lyndon Laveaux began writing poetry to channel his negative emotions. After meeting a close friend and artist DISANTI who influenced him to split his poetry with his incredibly articulate and gripping flow. Lyndon Laveaux’s groovy single “Ay Papi” Ft. DISANTI captures DISANTI’s beautiful Spanish influenced vocals and Lyndon Laveaux’s intoxicating flow and rhythm. The up-beat track serves an exciting vibe, effortlessly getting us out of our quarantine rut.

“Ay Papi” Ft. DISANTI kicks off with stunning piano melodies, and DISANTI’s sultry and intriguing voice as she speaks fluent Spanish awaiting the track's initial downbeat.

“Ay Papi” Ft. DISANTI incorporates blissful production, taking us on vacation to a hot island, filling our minds with imagery of energetic nightlife and hot summer days. As we’re met with the first verse, DISANTI goes off with flow we didn’t expect from such a soothing voice. Her ability to rap perfectly meets up to Lyndon Laveaux’s, and the two of them together create a hard-hitting yet highly danceable tune.

Once Lyndon Laveaux’s verse arises, he blends Spanish and English lyrics creating an even more versatile and dynamic track. His flow perfectly rounds out the song and serves us something we didn’t know we needed. It’s without a doubt that “Ay Papi” Ft. DISANTI is a force of a song, and we’re looking forward to Lyndon Laveaux and Disanti’s next collaboration.

Check out "Ay Papi" here.