Lyra Star Basks In The “Moonrise,” In Her Latest Music Video

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and adult contemporary/pop recording artist feeds the soul with her new single and music video, "Moonrise."

The contortionist and musical back bender is the embodiment of pure ethereal beauty. Her songs and music videos never fail to wow us, and her fluid body movements and bendy ways are the cherries on top.

This time around, Lyra Star enters her fourth collaboration with director Tonya Kay and cinematographer Andria Chamberlin for her latest music video, "Moonrise."

Star says she's "always felt a strong connection to the moon as well as the night sky," and viewers can better understand that connection in her latest music video. Blue is the name of the game in this euphoric and fantasy-esque visual experience, all while Star bends over backward and leaves our jaws on the floor with her serene, feminine movements.

Expanding on the music video for "Moonrise," we see Lyra Star in front of the full moon and behind an old-school blue microphone. While dressed to the nines and all dolled up with blue hints and accents, Star shifts into scenes of performing her contortionism on top of a nostalgic TV set that's playing a close-up shot of her performance.

With nods to her spiritual affinity with the white wolf and the overall cabaret feel, Lyra Star serenades the soul in this breathtaking piece while adding a bit of zest and glitter to our days. She's seen catching her beauty rest on a bed of roses like Sleeping Beauty while shifting towards the outro with her stunning contortionism for an added wow factor.

Travel into the mystical and ethereal realm of Lyra Star's latest jaw-dropping music video, "Moonrise," now available on YouTube. Find the lush single on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Lyra Star. You've truly wrapped us into your ethereal contortionist world with your music video for "Moonrise." What inspired the harmonious song itself?

I wrote this song after coming out of a deep meditation where I saw my spirit animal, the white wolf. The year before I moved to LA, I was really starting to truly connect to myself, my passions, and what I wanted to be doing with my life.

How did director Tonya Kay and cinematographer Andria Chamberlin help bring your vision to life for the "Moonrise" music video? Do you think they perfected what you were looking for?

This was my fourth collaboration with Tonya and Andria, and they are a joy to work with... Tonya is a true visionary, and she honestly came up with most of the ideas and creations for the different set dressings. I had a few things that I wanted, but she is an incredible director and always knows what she wants from each scene, which makes everything run very smoothly. Andria has a ton of incredible experience and equipment that allow for getting such gorgeous shots and angles, and she brings the most lovely and chill vibes onto the set. Shoot days can be very stressful, but working with these two incredible women is always a comfort... I always know we will get quality material.

What was the significance of the nostalgic cabaret feel for the "Moonrise" music video? How do these old-fashioned scenes enhance the song itself?

This was all Tonya's idea... I knew I wanted to shoot in that space, and she just loves to get creative with all of the props. I also hired Ryan Enos for the visual effects, and part of her vision was to have that full moon in the background as I was singing on the stage setup. Many of the shots were created with these visual effects in mind... I think the old-fashioned cabaret scene just adds another magical element and also provided a solid backdrop for the moon to appear.

What experience did you want to offer the viewer when watching the music video for "Moonrise?" What did you want them to feel?

As with all of my videos, I just want the viewer to be taken to another place, both visually and perhaps emotionally... it's an opportunity for me to showcase my movement artistry. I'm not just a singer/songwriter, but I'm also a contortionist. With this song, I just want them to feel mesmerized and transported into a dreamlike fairytale landscape that ultimately is a glimpse into my own inner world.

What's next for you?

I am currently working on finishing my EP, which I'm planning to release at the beginning of November.