Lyra Star Displays Grace and Soul in "Beautiful Ride"

Singer/songwriter Lyra Star hails from Los Angeles, California, where she creates and synthesizes ethereal and luscious sounds for listeners. Last year saw the release of her first single, where Lyra debuted her dynamic and genre-blending integrations. Now in 2020, Lyra Star is beginning to create new and fuller vibrancy in her music, giving mature and stimulating thoughts and sounds. Her latest song, "Beautiful Ride" really holds the essence of her artistry, which is why it's the perfect track to showcase here today with Lyra because you fully receive the best representation of what she's capable of artistically. 

Lyra Star is really bringing about a serene and deep, methodical feeling to her song "Beautiful Ride". She chooses to display her vocalism in a pure and authentic way, taking listeners on a deep journey with her. Lyra Star is here to offer melodies that warm your heart, and keep you stimulated mentally. Her voice really extends out far in "Beautiful Ride". She's successfully able to create an environment where you can just sit back, breathe, and really take in the profound lyricism that she offers. "Beautiful Ride" is Lyra Star's vivid art, packed into the span of four minutes.

Take a "Beautiful Ride" with Lyra Star here

Hey Lyra! Congratulations on your 2020 release of "Beautiful Ride". How are you feeling about the way the track was synthesized?

Thank you so much!  It feels great to have the song finally out into the world... I recorded it in January of last year, and I never thought it would have taken this long to release it for everyone to hear.  When I went in for the session to record, a lot of groundwork had already been done without any sort of pre-production meeting.  Once I had the track, I just wasn't feeling satisfied with parts of it, particularly the drums...fortunately, I knew that the producer that I used for my debut album, Chris Krotky, is extremely talented with all the work that he does, so I sent it to him to see what could be done.  We ended up rearranging the song a bit and cutting out some parts, and it just took a long process of back and forth before it was finally where I wanted it.  When releasing my original songs, I want to make sure they are how I want them before sharing them with others.  I feel very grateful to everyone that helped make this song come to life because it is a lot of work to arrange, produce, and come up with all of the different parts. 

Ever since moving to Los Angeles, do you feel that your sound has changed and/or grew?  Honestly, I have only released two songs since moving to LA so I'm not really sure.  I don't think I'm doing anything too drastically different as an artist at this point, but I am definitely constantly inspired by all of the creativity in this city.  I go out to hear live music a lot, and I am always feeling pushed to do better because the talent level is so high here.  I haven't been doing this long enough for my sound to really change too much at this point.  I have one album out and two singles... my music is definitely cinematic in scope, and the songs are perfect for film and tv.  I like orchestral arrangements with strings, and my cover of Jimi Hendrix's "Red House" has a moody electronic folk/pop vibe.  I will probably continue to explore this sound during the next year.

How do you ensure that the right environment is set for your listeners? Do you find it easy to create the intended environment?

If you are referring to "environment' as far as a live show goes, it can be difficult to find the right venue or space for a solo singer/songwriter.  I have a hard time playing in noisy bars sometimes, but the great thing about LA is that there are many different venues to choose from.  One of my favorite places that I played last year was Genghis Cohen.  Any space that is small, intimate, and the crowd is there to really listen to the music is great for an artist playing mellow songs that have a kind of ethereal vibe.  So for me, it's really about choosing the right places to play and also putting together shows with other artists that will attract the same sort of listeners.

Now that you're planning on releasing new content throughout the year, are there any hints you can give listeners as to what sounds they can expect to hear from you? As I said earlier, I'm not planning to change my sound very much, but I think it will be interesting to work with different producers on different tracks and explore the indie-pop genre in different ways.  I'm a huge fan of bands like Radiohead that have a broad range as far as their sound goes.... their first album, Pablo Honey, has a completely different sound than something like Kid A or Amnesiac, and that is one of the things that I love about them is how they have explored and developed their sound over many years.  I'm excited to just see where this next year will take me as an artist, but I am not putting any expectations or pressure on myself to create something specific.  

Thanks for coming on BuzzMusic Lyra! Where are you headed now that "Beautiful Ride" is out for listeners?

Now that "Beautiful Ride" is out, I am hoping to do some research about how and where to submit it for consideration to be placed in film and TV.  I've already had a few people tell me that they could see it being played in a show.  I just have to figure out that side of the industry... it's all pretty new to me, and I'm still learning.  I'm also planning to shoot a music video next month for another song that I recently finished recording... this video is going to be a real piece of eye candy, as I'm going to be doing my contortion movements throughout.  I've been trying to find ways to incorporate that skill of mine with my music, and I'm really looking forward to the team of artists that I'm putting together to shoot this video.  I'm also going back into the recording studio at the end of the week to start tracking piano for another song that will be out later this year.  I'm really planning on releasing a lot of content in 2020, so stay tuned!