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Lyra Star Pursues Her Passions

Thank you for being with us!  Where are you based and where would you say your fan base is? 

Thanks for inviting me! I am based in Los Angeles, California, and I think most of my fan base is probably here or in the SF Bay area, which is where I lived before relocating to LA two years ago. What would you never apologize for?

I would never apologize for being me... I used to have really low self-esteem and would apologize for almost everything, often degrading my own personality or way of being.  I have learned over the years that this is not okay nor is it helpful for anyone, so no apologies in that realm.   Who is your hero and what does a hero mean to you?

I honestly cannot say that I really have any sort of personal hero.  No one individual comes to mind.  To me, that word means someone that does things to help others.  In my eyes, doctors are heroes for sure... My dad was a doctor (he's retired now), and I remember he worked so hard when I was growing up.  I personally have always been so squeamish about blood, needles, and hospitals in general.  Doctors save lives, and they work long days and hours in order to provide healing for others.  To me, this is very heroic and noble.  I think the same goes for firefighters, especially right now with all of the fires on the west coast... they are putting their lives on the line daily, and I know everyone is so grateful for all of their hard work.    What exotic location would you most like to visit or perform when COVID is finally over?

Oh my goodness, I miss traveling so much.  I was actually supposed to be in Thailand last month doing my 300 Hour Yoga Teacher training, but it got canceled.  I have so many places abroad that I would love to visit, and I think it would be really fun to play music in cities throughout Europe.  Would love to play in Amsterdam one summer.  Other countries I'd love to visit in general are Brazil, Croatia, and Morocco.  As far as performing in the US goes, I would love to play a real show in my hometown, Nashville (I've played open mic nights and writers nights but never an actual show) or maybe even in New York.  I honestly really haven't explored touring at all, so it's something I definitely want to look at in the future.  I've been so caught up in the hustle of LA since moving down here, then COVID happened, and everything just got turned completely upside down.   How do you juggle the day job and the dream career, or are they one and the same?

I moved to LA in order to both pursue my music career and a career as a yoga instructor, and it has honestly been an extreme hustle in both worlds, although I'm having more success in the fitness world with yoga and pilates.  I have also been dabbling in the performing arts realm as a contortionist, which is something completely new to me.  I am really not making any money from music right now, although I made some money busking here and there when I first moved, and it is mostly my career as a fitness instructor that keeps me going financially.  I am passionate about music, so I'll always be writing songs... I am still learning the ins and outs of the music business, and it is not easy.  With COVID going on, I don't even have work as a fitness instructor right now except at one place that has some rooftop classes.  These are trying times for all of us.  One thing I have learned from the pandemic though is that I need to give myself a day off... I didn't have that before, I was always teaching a class somewhere.  I usually worked on songwriting in between or would go out to music events/shows in the evenings... It took a lot of energy though.  When things go back to normal, I definitely have to give myself at least one day a week where I don't have to be doing anything.  It's so important for mental well being.

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