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Lyrical Expression and Instrumental Auras Envelope LEECE’s Latest Release “Shadow”

Right out of the gates, we are introduced to LEECE sultry, flawless R&B styled vocals. Her voice oozes with prowess and attitude as she sings lyrics of self-destruction and broken-down walls. "Isolated, paranoid, I try to feel this empty void" is sung repeatedly, like an affirmation of one's sorrow. The melodic tones the verse is set to take the listener down a spiraling void, like bathwater twisting down the drain. Hailing from London Ontario, Canada LEECE is a multifaceted artist, excelling in many art forms, including dance, production, as well as being multilinguistic and a multi-instrumentalist. In 2016, she has been devoted to sharpening her music composition and production skills after moving to Toronto.

LEECE's soulful, euphonious voice produces blue auras of sound within an alternative pop universe. "Shadow" creates an atmosphere of sounds with ghostly vocalizations pulsating in the background and saintly notes echoing on the Hammond organ illuminating "Shadows" dark soul. LEECE's descriptive lyrics display sheer emotion, and "Shadow's" modern and expressive storytelling immerses the listener in a theatrical display of melodic composition. We cannot get enough of LEECE's newest release, "Shadow." Don't miss out on this one.

You can find “Shadow” here.


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