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Lyrical Lord Releases His Single Titled “This Is Me”

Lyrical Lord is a Hip Hop recording artist and songwriter from North Carolina. His style is somewhat different from most artists, and he creates a unique sound and vibe for his listeners. Lyrical Lord began rapping at the early age of 15 years old. Since 2005, Lyrical Lord has put out a tremendous number of mixtapes, albums, and videos on the internet, building his fan base and honing in on his craft.

Lyrical Lord released his single titled “This Is Me” and one thing that completely captured our attention was the bold lyricism. The witty bars had me all the way in tuned with every punchline and catchphrase. I guess Lyrical Lord really does live up to his name? Lyrical Lord is a breath of fresh air in today’s rap market where rappers are afraid to push the envelope with their songwriting. For me, it was nice to witness a rapper arrange their lyrics in a way where the listener could enjoy it to the full capacity! I caught myself smiling, and chuckling at different parts in the song, as if I just met somebody funny for the first time. Despite the A1 lyrics, “This Is Me” represented a hype-like artistry in Lyrical Lord. The beat was dope and had a nice bass to get the energy right. “This Is Me” has various different components that make this record such a killer song but it wouldn’t have been a hit if it wasn’t for Lyrical Lord’s execution!

Listen to "This Is Me" here and get to know more about Lyrical Lord below!

Welcome to Buzz Lyrical Lord! Knowing your sound is a little different from other rappers, who are some of your influences and how did they inspire your artistry?

The people that have influenced me throughout my career are all true talented artists.  I would say number one would be my Father and brother.  I grew up around their musical lifestyle so I learned the basics of music at an early age.  Next up would be Logic.  That man is a pure genius.  He inspires me to believe in myself no matter what the case may be.  Other artists would be Lil Wayne, Meek Mill, Nicki Minaj, and way too many more to name.

How would you describe “This Is Me” for us?

"This Is Me" is a song that I developed to show my true self.  It stands out from my other songs because of the lyrics, delivery, and the message in it.  I feel like I became more creative with it, including punchlines and flow.  When i first heard the beat for it, I was instantly attached.

What emotion did you channel in while writing this record?

I was full of emotions at the time.  It's the first song off of my album "The World Is Mine" because I believe its the strongest.  Normally it takes me some time to develop a song, however this one only took an hour or so to create. To me it's the best.

Were there any moments in “This Is Me” you felt helped emphasized the meaning of the song for you?

Im known to have a crazy brain in general, and this song shows proof.  I went very deep into my headspace, and was able to transfer that into "This Is Me".  It describes how I truly am in life.

When can we expect the next hit song!?

Im actually working on a new album currently, and there will be a song very soon for the fans and listeners.  Every song on the album is a hit.  The next record coming out will be called "Lifestyle".


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