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Lyrical Wordsmith Otito Will Have You Vibing With His Conscious Raps

Using his music to spread knowledge and light, Otito is a rapper that’s breaking down the stereotype of rap music. If you’re wondering the meaning behind the name “Otito” it means truth and integrity in Yoruba. His sound is a mixture of conscious, soulful, and melodic Hip-Hop.

Otito released his single “Amen”, a lyrically thought-provoking hit that steers clear from your typical rap norm. “Amen” is slightly religious however the main point I’ve received from listening to this single is that, it has a more motivational and inspirational approach with an uplifting delivery. The lyricism was raw and uncut and actually held substantial. I love that quality the most. He didn’t just rap about non-substantial things and your average lyrics you hear in mainstream rap music today where they rap about a bunch of nonsense on a popular beat. Otito took time to develop a record that has a meaning behind it. I took some time to listen to his other songs like “Celebration” and I’ve noticed that Otito has a laid-back style in his music but he still has that ability to project an aggressive nature and cultivate a trendy sound. The Georgia native is a lyrical wordsmith, focused on conveying his vision to the masses. A ten out of ten from BuzzMusic!

Listen to "Amen" here and get to know Otito in our exclusive interview below!

Hey there, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Peace and Light to all! I go by the name Otito!

Is Otito a stage name or is it your actual birth name? It’s highly unique and neat!

Thanks! I appreciate it! And no, it's just my stage name unfortunately lol. I definitely wouldn't mind it though, its an Yoruba ( West African language/ Spiritual practice) word for Truth! Integrity and honesty.

Do you have any musical influences? Who and why?

Yes, 2pac of course. Jay-Z, Andre 3000 and Outkast as a whole. Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, Prince and Marvin Gaye to name a few. Those artists influenced me the most due to how bold and daring they were. Also their activism and socially awaken lyrics they put in their songs.

What’s your opinion on the current state of Rap music?

I think it's in a decent place. There's a balance right now in my opinion, of good artists and average artists. Deep music with content and party music with no depth, Trap, Pop etc.

If you could do anything differently in this world what would you do and why?

Once upon a time there's a couple things I would've changed, but at this point in my development I wouldn't change anything. Everything, the good and bad, were stepping stones to growth. Life is our greatest teacher.

What’s the ultimate dream for you?

Just to be heard by the masses. For my message and my words to be felt and hopefully inspire people with like minds. To leave a legacy.


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