Lyrics Has Us Constantly Wanting More

Keeping any type of puns to a minimum, the New Jersey-based rapper Lyrics writes incredibly captivating lyrics that are an immense amount of emotion to them. Gaining the interest of the iconic group UNION, and then becoming signed with them to Platinum Records, Lyrics is someone that should not be taken lightly. Since going solo, Lyrics has been hard at work creating music that has its own spin of what music meant to him, and this is a blend that we furiously loved in his release “YOU.”

Keeping true to his roots and maintaining a modest but groovy but modest production allows Lyrics to perfectly craft a performance that sits on top and continually grasps your ear for attention. Lyrics is also one of those artists who is not afraid to reach out and collaborate with others, in his release “YOU” Lyrics brings in Matt Cleev and Matt Holbert to catch us by surprise - further keep to his unique style of keeping the music unique. We are definitely excited to hear what else is coming from Lyrics

Mellow out to “YOU” here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Lyrics! Wow, what a record, “YOU” hits us with some nostalgia but also brings a unique flair to the table. What was your inspiration behind coming up with this one? Is there a personal event that inspired this one? What do all of the lyrics mean to you?

Well, when I first got the track I knew I wanted to do something for the ladies. Then when my brother Matt Cleev came up with the hook I felt we needed to talk about relationships from the standpoint of when a regular person is dealing with someone in the music industry & everything that comes along with that. The good and the bad. My verse is a true story. I was dating a woman once who couldn't deal with me being around lots of women. I would bring her to lots of events but she always thought I wanted every lady that walked by. No matter how many times I told her that wasn't the case, she would just never believe me. So I d to part ways with her.

We are loving the performances between you, Matt Cleev, and Matt Holbert, what was it like to all record together? At what stage were their choruses created? How did the three of you come to meet?

Well, Matt Cleev actually wrote the chorus. Once he came up with the chorus, we wrote out verses. Once the chorus & verses were recorded we felt like it was missing something. So a few days later I played the record for a long time friend of mine (Ro May) and he sent it back with a young artist that he's been working with singing underneath Matt Cleev's vocals on the hook. So we brought him in (Matt Holbert) the studio and let him lay vocals. The energy was crazy and it took the song to a whole new level.

The beat in “YOU” is incredibly groovy but simple, how did you come up with the different parts? Did you ever feel like you wanted to get a real choir instead of the synth? Did the beat come first or the lyrics?

We actually had the track first. It was created by a team of producers from Germany I believe. They are called SOsospecial. They are really dope producers. So I purchased the track from those guys.

Since your days as an artist with Union, how do you feel you have changed and grown as an artist now that you are working solo? Do you ever miss being a part of the group?

After leaving the Union I feel like I was able to grow more as an artist. I could really talk about all the things that I wanted to talk about without any push back from anyone. It forced me to really focus on my craft more. I wasn't writing just once verse anymore. I had to create choruses and verses from top to bottom. So I think going solo made me more of a complete artist. I don't really miss being in a group. I love the freedom of being able to do whatever I want to do when it comes to music. I don't need anyone's approval to do what I feel & I love that.

With “YOU” finally being out, what future goals do you have for 2020?

Well for 2020, I'm dropping a new project called A Dollar & A Dream Reloaded in September & I'm also dropping a joint project with my bro Matt Cleev at the end of the year called The Teacher & The Student. And hopefully, tour at some point if we get past this pandemic. Stay Tuned!