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Lyrics Shows Us the Essence of Hip-Hop in His Album “Judy’s Boy”

Lyrics released his album titled “Judy’s Boy”, a complete masterpiece that impressed us thoroughly. The project opened up with “Bar Work”, a song that smacks you across the face with a strong lyrical presence. Lyrics showcased us a quality of rap that you will rarely hear in most albums nowadays. “Bar Work” showed us exactly the skillful wordplay Lyrics is equipped with. He instantly gave me a J.Cole, Meek Mill and more type of vibe. Them rap greats who know how to deliver great lyrical content with passion and aggression. The lyrical content in “Bar Work” just prepared us for the lyricism in “Just Thoughts”. “Just Thoughts” was a beautifully written song that allowed us into the authentic and unguarded feelings of Lyrics. The melodic beat was gorgeous, while the flow was dynamic and the lyrics were thought-provoking.

The next single in “Only You” by Lyrics had a beautiful vocal representation from NY’A. her beautiful vocal tone was beneficial and impactful to the song’s aesthetic. The next song to transition into this album was “Judy’s Boy”. the opener of this record says “We going back to the basics with this one”. An instant attention grabber and the lyrics hit us hard. His pen game in “Judy’s Boy” was spectacular and the transition from the hard-hitting beat to the acoustic melody that Lyrics still successfully rapped on was just purely impressive. The next song that transitioned in was “Ungrateful” another record that had a strong lyrical presence. “Ungrateful” really makes you think and you feel yourself relating to some aspect of what Lyrics rap about. The theme of disloyalty is something many people can relate too.

Lyrics shows us a different side to him with his single “U & Me”. “U & Me” was like a love ballad delivered with a gritty rap flow. It was a pleasant addition to the album that showed another dimension to Lyrics’ rap personality. The song was delightful and charismatic. My favorite part of the record was the hook. The hook was beautifully arranged and vocally delivered by the singer Donnie with a catchy and contagious melody. The final record on this album was “Finally Here”. “Finally Here” instantly had us captivated by the production of the beat. It was like a feel-good song you will find at a local family gathering. It’s the type of song I can see my household playing at get-togethers, thanksgivings, and family reunions.

Lyrics, all in all, brings back the essence of hip-hop and rap music. His emcee skills are highly remarkable and it’s refreshing. He isn’t a mumble rapper, and he isn’t a gimmick, instead, he’s a talented and skillful rapper whose showing us that real rap is in fact alive.

You can listen to “Judy’s Boy” by Lyrics here!


Welcome to BuzzMusic Lyrics! How would you describe your upbringing and background?

I was raised in the projects of Edison, New Jersey. Went through the same hood shit most cats went through who was raised in the hood. I was raised mainly by moms & grandmoms, I was really into sports, I was in the streets a little bit but mostly stayed out of trouble, cuz my moms & grandmother wasn't for the foolishness.

What influenced your album “Judy’s Boy”? What’s the story behind the name?

Judy's Boy is an ode to my mother. My mom's name was Judy, she passed away almost 4 years ago from cancer, so I wanted to pay tribute to her with this project.

How would you describe the arrangement on this project? Were there any challenges you encountered?

The project was easy to do. The problem was selecting the correct records. I recorded almost 20 songs & had to narrow it down to 7 records. That was the hard part, just picking the right ones. Other than that, everything went pretty smooth.

Which song from “Judy’s Boy” was your personal favorite and why?

"Just Thoughts" is probably my favorite. Mainly because I was showing my lyrical capabilities and I talked about my mom a lot on there as well as other things that I went through at the time of her passing.

What’s next for you in 2020 Lyrics?

I have 2 or 3 projects coming up. One is a collaboration with my brother MattCleev at the top of the year & then in March, I"m dropping A Dollar & A Dream Part 2. It's a follow up to A Dollar and A Dream Part one that I dropped back in 2014. Also going on tour this summer. Stay Tuned!


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