M’Leigh and the Moo Moos Fun and Entertaining Single “Summer’s Over”

Welcome to the musical world of M’Leigh and the Moo Moos. These captivating young women fuse folk influences with a unique spin on indie style. M’Leigh grew up in Byron Bay and currently resides in Sydney. This singer/ songwriter grew up listening to her parents' records of; Fleetwood Mac, Joni Mitchell, The Rolling Stones, and Simon and Garfunkel. M’Leigh and the Moo Moos music is rhythmic, carefree and lighthearted. Although, having to battle some health concerns the lead singer continues to push through and produce amazing music.

Summer’s Over” is a chill melody about leaving winter and escaping to the sunny beaches of California, “where the pretty people are”. The lyrics paint a picture-perfect getaway. It’s an enjoyable, smooth tune with a catchy chorus, “summers over now its time to move to California”. Half-way through the song M’Leigh demonstrates that she is no newbie to preforming with a clean mellow solo and perfect harmony from the rest of her bandmates. This track is a must add to your summer road trip playlist! Her voice is relaxed and carefree, a perfect combination to get you singing and dancing this Summer. We’re excited to see the future success of these talented women. Listen to "Summer's Over" here.

Hi M’Leigh and the Moo Moos. Welcome to BuzzMusic. Thank you for your light-hearted and folksy demo, “Summer’s Over.” Can you tell us what inspired you ladies to come together?

We all meet studying music at different times, so when it came to making the band I (M’leigh), wanted an all-female band, having all these amazing women know my music around me I just asked them all one by one and then the band was made.

Who are your greatest influences in helping define your sound in this track? 

At the time I wrote this song I was playing a lot of Nirvana on my guitar, which I do feel comes out in the music. Also, push the melody for me. I was going for something outside what I normally do.


“Summer’s Over” is very chatty and rhythmic, how would you say this song relates to your other music? 

Well, when I write music the Drums are one of the first things I write for. When it comes to the band.  So I feel most of my upbeat songs are very drum-driven and that's something you can hear in any M’leigh and the Moo Moos song.

How do you feed your passion for music?

For me I write all the time, it's my own journal I guess, as a band we all enjoy making the music together so we are always wanting to push the limits with our live set up more and more. 

We want the audience to really get in on the music and have a good time. We really do enjoy

putting a good live show on for our fans.

Thank you for chatting with us and we hope to hear more from you ladies. Can you tell us/ your fans what the future holds for M’leigh and the Moo Moos?

We have just finished recording in the studio and working on some music video clips. So the EP will be out in the new year along with some fun video clips. Looking to tour if all goes well!