M.P. Talks New Music and His Remarkable 2019

Based in Madison, WI, the talented rapper, producer and lyricist M.P. has previously featured on BuzzMusic for dope tracks “Roots” and “Hero”. Since M.P is always bringing us new, relatable content, we thought we'd take a look back at his 2019. M.P.'s passion for making music allows him to forge connections with his listeners on a deeper level. He curates tracks that are raw and honest, while remaining contemporary and relevant. He’s an artist that is unafraid to bare his soul through poetry and melodies. M.P.'s music has been influenced by many different musicians such as Kanye West, J.Cole, Chance The Rapper, Kid Cudi and Jay-Z and he proudly draws from these legends for inspiration.

If you’re new to M.P. then you’re tuning in at the pinnacle moment; this year has been huge for the rising star. The highlights of the year include hit singles “Black Magic”, which quickly amassed thousands of streams, “Alright” which is a hard-hitting hip-hop anthem featuring Ryan Aranda, and many other singles and features that further prove M.P.'s success. Marcus Porter’s concepts and ideas are refreshing and we have yet to hear something from the rising start that we haven’t vibed to. He’s absolutely an artist worth getting to know!

Check out M.P.’s new music here

Welcome back, M.P.! It’s always a pleasure chatting with you. Out of everything you’ve accomplished this year, what would you say you’re the proudest of?

Thank you for having me for the third time to chat especially for this moment! To answer your question what I am proudest of this year is just growing as an Artist and being able to put music out that allows people to take a look into myself and themselves and connect also proud of improving my sound and gifting as an artist in this time of music. 

Congrats on releasing so many singles in one year and being featured in multiple songs! It truly has been such an impressive year for you. What was the overall concept of your first release of the year, “Black Magic”?

Thank you it was definitely a busy year for me releasing os much music and to have released "Black Magic" first was so amazing because “Black Magic” is a song that pays homage and encourages The Future (Kids), The Present(M.P. And Others), and The Legacy(Grandparents and Elders). The song is a reminder to all Black People that they are magical and must continue to build each other up and progress. Even though this song seems as if it is intended for Black People only, everyone can enjoy it.

We were most engaged by the lyricism within “Alright”! Can you dive into the meaning behind the lyrics on this particular track? 

What do you hope your listeners take away from the overall sentiment? With “Alright" I was just saying I am here and ready to take my spot in Hip-Hop as an influence so I wanted people to see that I was tired of being the quiet guy who you see and know and let them know I am here to make a change and bring them with me.

Among your singles in 2019, you’re featured on 3 new singles! What has been the most exciting collaboration for you this year?

I think I had a few more I forgot to share with you all, but I love all the features I was apart of those guys are my bros so I can’t pick one over the other cause all the songs are dope and let me be different on each one. Shout Out to the Guys!

What do you think it was about your singles “Hero” and “Roots” that made them so increasingly popular with your fan base?

I believe what made them popular was that people could vibe out connect with them even tho the content was a little more serious on the vibe was fun and lasting to where they could be connected too.

Thanks so much for catching up with us! What are you working on currently? We’re always looking forward to hearing more from you. 

I have a few singles lined up that may become a project still figuring it all out and I’m also working on some merch ideas as well so I am planning to be really productive and stay in tune with you guys as well here at Buzz Music!