Maanz Global Updates BuzzMusic On His Recent Music!

Welcome back to BuzzMusic Maanz Global! Your new track "Offshore" is something drastically diverse from what we're used to hearing from you. How did you create this track? What do you hope your listeners take away from it?

This track was inspired by two of my trips. One I took to Dubai & Oman the other from Hawaii this summer. I really just felt a vibe from the beat that reminded me of my trips but also that I’m still always grindin. I’m a huge believer that you can work & play hard and that’s exactly what I do. I hope my listeners get a sense of how I travel while also knowing I work hard to do so. 

You bring an admirable confidence to the music scene! Do you have any advice for other up and comers like yourself? 

Honestly, I appreciate the compliment. I would say that I have pretty high confidence but I also criticize myself. The key is to finding a balance but more so focusing on what you think of yourself versus what others think of you. 

What do you aspire to achieve as an artist?

I want to be able to share my good energy and always show love. To inspire people up and coming while celebrating the successes along the way. I think most of all I just want to leave a legacy through my record label Vibez Collective. 

If someone was going to listen to only one song from your repertoire, which track would you suggest and why?

That’s tough.. I think so far within my songs I’ve given different vibes. I think if you’re feeling aggressive it would be Problem but if you’re just trying to vibe while listening to boss talk it would be Lemonade or Live it up. 

I get a strong sense that you read a lot and think a little more deeply on things than most – where do you generally get your inspiration from, and is there anything outside of hip hop that drives you creatively? (poetry, books, movies, politics, etc.)

I read a lot on my phone. From articles to informative tweets etc, I get a lot of information through the right avenues on social media and my own searches. Most of my inspiration and creative drive outside of hip hop comes from traveling, food, and my interactions with people. I have huge ties in travel and food with family of mine being a world renown chef and another part of my family in the travel industry. A lot of my passion comes from building my various ventures from the ground up. 

What’s the hope for you going forward in 2019 and beyond?

Continuing to build Vibez Collective into a household name. I’m all over social media, I’ve created a podcast, fashion is on the way and more ventures to come. I want to influence every aspect that I have a passion for. 


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