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Maanz Released His Single “Problem”

Maanz is a rising artist, and curator of the vibes. As he says himself, he’s just a brown boy with a bag. Not only does Maanz make his own music but will also playlist your next event! Along with his label mate Mac Woodz, the two co-founded an independent record label named Vibez Collective. What is Vibez Collective? Well the idea is simple. quality music delivering a variety of vibez and good energy. He coins the phrase “ Luxury Travel Rap, his life is filled with gold and beautiful views.” he embodies the epitome of enjoying the finer things in life by doing significant amount of dope thing. Maanz speaks to anyone on their way to success and greatness. He represents individuals that are unafraid to make their own path in life, while making unforgettable memories in the process.

Maanz released the single “Problem” and what can we say? He didn’t lie when he said he comes with luxury! The production of this record was luxurious itself. Maanz had a deep, raspy rap voice which was super dope to hear. He added a dark dimension to the record, but the lyrics were witty and catchy! The hook was addicting, had a trendy delivery, but didn’t prepare me for my favorite moment of the record. When Maanz began to whisper lyrics it was super badass. The way it fits the beat had me feeling the record on an extra elevation. “This goes super hard!” was my reaction to the way he arranged this record. Even the gun shots in the beat was tasteful, and fit with the aesthetic of the record. Maanz is an artist who we need to be on the lookout for. He knows how to produce the energy, gives a laid-back aggressive vibe, and have you head-banging with the song. Maanz is undoubtedly on his way to the top!

Listen to "Problem" here and get to know more about Maanz below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Maanz! Tell us about your independent label “Vibez Collective” you co-founded! What were some challenges in putting this together?

Vibez Collective is a label that represents good vibez, good energy, and living good. 

As co-founder, it embodies the lifestyle I strive to achieve on a daily basis. I hope this independent label speaks to people that are struggling to accomplish their dreams, creating their own lane and having some fun throughout the process. The most challenging part has been handling the logistical aspects behind the label. Because we’re independent, we control the vision from idea to execution. This also means we handle everything behind scenes like establishing the company and spreading the word. 

You released a super cool song titled “Problem”, what was the vibe you were aiming for?

Aggressive. I wanted this song to get you hyped before, during, or after dealing with problems that are keeping you from a positive state. 

Any inspirations for this record? who and why?

This song was inspired by my experience eliminating bad energy and fake love around me. I wanted it to serve as a reminder for myself and to others listening to avoid people in the future that aren’t genuine.  21 savage inspired the whisper part of my verse. 

How does “Problem” differentiate itself from your other releases?

Problem is a more aggressive and at your face type of record compared to the collab I did with my brother Mac Woodz where it’s more of a feel good/turn up type of vibe. 

What is next for you?

You can expect a range of sounds from me releasing all summer going into the winter. Problem was only the beginning. I have two collabs with Mac Woodz called Live it Up and Passport coming in June. My next solo single named Lemonade will be releasing at the end of the month, if you needed new summer music this is the one.


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