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Macharo and Stophe Malone Team Up On Fresh Collab, "Really Outside"

Chicago and Memphis-bred bar-spitter—Macharo—has returned, and he's brought reinforcements.

With the adhesive support of Stophe Malone blessing the verse of "Really Outside,"—a dynamo cut from their DDM2 project—the now L.A. meandering Rapper continues his trajectory upwards off the ascending missile of his musical career.

He's already established sync licenses expected to be featured on Netflix, and an adorning list of Hip-hop Legends he's earned the pleasure of sharing the stage with, making his latest Hip-hop single an anticipated treat.

"Really Outside" dominates the sonic low-frequencies of any room we're in with a low-end that stifles. There's an infatuating build-up of energy from the modern production that features whimsical pads that cascade over the expanses of this Hip-hop and R&B-reminiscent mix. As Macharo and his comrade rage over their unifying bars, there is a genuine feeling of a scintillating groove as each word that transmits from the Emcee's mouthes ride atop the bouncy expiration of drilling verbiage over the verses.

The leading hook is festooned with a melodic harmony that mirrors Contemporary R&B in the way it immediately captivates us; evoking an intoxicating head-bob as we sing in unison with the words: "yeah I'm from the west side, gloves on put you outside, if you keep f***in' with me, trigger finger itchy, watch it squeeze." It's a cohesive Hip-hop venture between riffling stanzas that fester over the two unswerving Rappers' zealous attitudes, while the choruses croon over a captivating hook that draws semblance to that feeling we get when cruising in a drop-top on the freeway.

Hello Macharo and welcome to BuzzMusic. What inspired the narrative behind "Really Outside," and how did you and Stophe Malone corroborate over the production's structure and flow?

“Really Outside” is about taking the same hustle mentality and applying it towards the music strategy. Once I heard the track, I wrote the verses and left room for Stophe to lay the hooks. I wrote the song the night before we went to the studio. He came right in. Heard the concept and just went into the booth. Recorded right on the spot without writing anything.

What has been your favorite part about working with Malone on the entirety of DDM2?

He’s more like my brother than a friend. People always say we have great energy and chemistry together. Funny thing is, we actually disagree on about 75% of things.

That’s only because we have such great respect for each other. We always challenge and push each other to go past out artistic limits. That’s what I like the most. He’s pushy and brings the best out of me artist wise.

What fuels the creative energy you need when focusing on the writing process, and does that process always start with paper and pen?

Any time I drop a project I always want to make sure that it’s better than the last one. I’m competing with myself to get better and improve each time I drop music. Sometimes it starts with the tracks that producers submit to us. Sometimes it’s just real-life events that we’ve experienced & feel like someone could relate to. It doesn’t always start with writing. sometimes we don’t write anything and just have an idea and freestyle the song. Depends on the vibe of things.

Can you tell us about your main aspirations as an artist and the steps you're taking to facilitate your skyrocketing trajectory in the Music Industry?

Honestly, I stopped focusing on the number of fans I have and started focusing more on the quality of the music and building up the interaction I have with people who are fans of the music. It doesn’t matter if I have 10 fans or 10,000. As long as the same ones rock with me from project to project and I keep creating, the numbers will increase naturally. As long as I can keep everyone tapped in each step of the way, I’m cool with that.

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

I like a challenge. Right before the whole shutdown in March, we were being booked for performances & different paid gigs on a regular basis. I’m hopeful that we can pick up where we left off as soon we’re able to get live performances and shows back popping again.

So the challenge now is to stay fresh on everyone’s mind. We’ve gotta stay current and relevant to get that point again or even better. We love being on stage and connecting with the audience. We pride ourselves on putting on dope, high energy, and engaging live shows. That’s what keeps me going.



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