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Mack DeeZe Blesses Our Playlists With New Track "Xtra"

Mack DeeZe, a respected artist and songwriter who was raised by his grandmother in Greene County Alabama has been determined ever since he was young to make his dream a reality! Mack didn’t live in the best conditions but he was determined to not let that hold him back. He grew up in a poor poverty stricken area, but overcame all odds.

Mack uses his upbringing as inspiration for his music as he channels in his environmental living into his music to give us more authentic songwriting, true to his character. Many rappers nowadays force this image upon themselves that they lived this tough struggle life because they believe it’s what’s cool and trendy nowadays. However, it’s easily noticeable in their music when it’s an act rather as something they have overcome. Mack DeeZe shows off the unfortunate lifestyle he has lived, looks at the light of the situation, and uses it as ammo to give us hit songs like his single “Xtra”. If you watched the video to “Xtra” you can tell just by instance that Mack DeeZe possesses all the characteristics and traits that makes a special star rapper. This artist is the voice of the streets and a lyrical phenomenon. He is known for his catchy lyrics, dope beats and is known for rocking a crowd. Beyond his reputation, Mack has a versatile and vibrant sound as a rapper and lyricist. "Xtra" had super dope wordplay and lyrical punchlines that’s credible to Mack’s incredible songwriting. Influenced by artists such as “Hot Boys”, “Lil Wayne” and  “Juvenile”, DeeZe and his lyrical escapades shines bright through his vibrant and versatile sound as a rapper.

Catch Mack's "Xtra" here, and scroll below to find the artists personalized interview, where he shares what it means to be an artist, and his musical influences!


Has writing music served as an escape method for you growing up?

Of Course! I started writing music when I was In the 5th grade and around that time I fell in love with rap music A lot of the music I was listening to at that time was like a reflection of everything that surrounded me from crime,drug abuse, seeing my grandmother struggle to take care of me when I was I younger it was hard! even as kid growing up in such a poor environment so every-time I wrote a rap the subject was always pertaining to something I was going through at that time whether it was good or bad. 

Describe the song “Xtra” to us from your own artist perspective and what it means to you!

Xtra! lol it’s kind of funny I actually freestyled the whole record but I got the idea from my brother he was in the studio with me at the time. Lol! Ima tell you a quick story how it came about my brother was arguing with a friend on the phone and she was just being belligerent screaming,cursing calling him everything but “The child of God” lol and it was over something really childish Btw so after about 5min of ranting went on he had enough! So hung up the phone FaceTimed her and said look I ain’t with all that Extra shit you bringing in my life And Hung up in her face again .... And When He Said That I just felt It Deep In my Soul like “damn “ I can relate lol. But my perspective is if a individual I know or associate with on a regular if we can’t get on the same level mentally then I can’t deal with you everything you doing is Xtra.

If you could feature any rapper of your choice on “Xtra” who would you select and why?

If I could feature one artist on Xtra it will probably be J.Cole simply because his energy matches mine humble dude but he’s deadly lol and he stays in his own lane he doesn’t seek attention he lets his music speak for him.

How was the process for creating the video to “Xtra” ?

I did the video the same night I recorded the song I didn’t have any plans of doing a video that day it just happened the vibe was so lit in the studio when I was making it we just said fuck it my camera guy was with me anyway so it just happened organically.

Out of all your musical influences, which is your favorite and why?

My favorite musical influences are my people back home in Alabama they really believe in me they’ve always had my back through whatever they give me constructive criticism on everything from my music to life decisions you know coming from where I’m from i always remind myself how far I’ve come in my life and that keeps me grounded.

What's next for you through 2019?

2019 we dropping singles and visuals I got over 100 songs recorded so I may drop a mixtape late in the year but nevertheless expect to see a lot of Mack DeeZe.


Keep up to date on the latest with Mack through the artists Facebook and Instagram!


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