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Madame Psychosis Proves They Haven’t Missed A Beat On “Concrete Streets"

The Toronto outfit managed to maintain and exceed the impressive standard they set for themselves with 2019’s “Survivor.”

Having first made waves with the release of their highly acclaimed self-titled debut album in the summer of 2017, Toronto-based alt-rock and indie pop band Madame Psychosis are no strangers to the spotlight.

With a fierce dedication to their craft and true artistic spirit, these talented musicians have appeared on and rocked iconic stages, including multiple performances at Canadian Music Week.

After their sophomore album “Survivor” proved that Madame Psychosis’s brilliance wasn’t just a flash in the pan, these electric performers have gone from strength to strength, showing no indication of slowing down.

Drawing influence from respected acts like The War on Drugs, Whitney Houston, and Arctic Monkeys, Madame Psychosis has cultivated a spunky yet refined sound, resulting in releases that are easy on the ears and a discography that’s incredibly easy to get into and love. With numerous critics singing their praises since the release of “Survivor” in 2019, the little issue of the global pandemic would put a temporary stop to their burgeoning ascension. Now back and as sharp as ever, this talented band is ready to show that they’re ready to take their music to even higher levels.

In their new release, “Concrete Streets,” Madame Psychosis proves that they don’t just still have it; they’ve evolved in the time that’s passed since their last release. What’s not to love? It's a crisp instrumental performance with witty lyrics that make you smile as much as they make you feel. Madame Psychosis has still got it.

Dropping lyrics like “You can take the wheel / or sit back and relax/let's rock this old Jeep off-road / Right off of life's tracks” and “I've got a jungle raging in me / I've got a tidal wave tsunami / I've got a magnet pulling me away / from these concrete streets,” it’s hard not to get swept up in Madame Psychosis’s pace. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself singing along.

Madame Psychosis’s new release, “Concrete Streets,” is a testament to the band’s continued brilliance, hiatus or no hiatus. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream Madame Psychosis’s new single, “Concrete Streets,” watch for more new music from the Toronto natives coming soon.


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