Maddisun Gives the Christmas Blues With Track “Single on Christmas”

From the mountains of BC, today we are given one of the more unique heart break Christmas songs we have heard! Maddisun gives us the heart breaking, but happy go lucky sounding “Single on Christmas”

Okay, we have all been there. We have all been single on Christmas and we have all had a hard time “waking up on the wrong side of romance”. Maddisun helps us out this into words and we are happy about it. The song starts right off with vocals, piano and jingle bells and light percussion. The song is minimal with instruments but the catchy vocals and melodies make up for it! The vocal performance is fairly linear but the song calls for it. You can tell by listening that Maddisun is more than capable of belting out a strong performance (and she selectively does in this song”, but she holds back for the sake of the song. The song has a lot of repeating moments, which allows listeners to easily follow along and by the second chorus, you can start singing along/ knowing where the song is going. By the end of the song, you are intrigued by her and want to dive into her originals. Good news is that Maddisun has a slew of singles that are ready for your ears!

Be sure to unwrap the gift of loneliness this year! Listen to “Single on Christmas” and give Maddisun music a chance this holiday season!

Discover the soundings of Maddiun here.


Thanks for being here with us at Buzz Music! What inspired you to write a Christmas song this year? Is this something you’ve always wanted to do?

Thanks for having me, again! I think I have always wanted to write a Christmas song. It’s a really fun attention grabber that you can utilize as an artist. When the holidays started to roll around this year I thought about my theme for Christmas, pretty much that I’m single and going to Palm Springs. I got pretty inspired to write about it, and once I finished writing the song I was determined to release it, so we spent around 12 hours in the studio over a couple days, and got the track mastered and out in the world. I was so excited that I decided we should do a music video too, so we filmed that and now its released as well! Very exciting Christmas if you ask me.

Who was your producer on this song and why were they chosen?

My producer is Raymond Gareau as per usual. He is a local guy and we connect a lot of that level, he’s got a plethora of knowledge on the industry and what sells, so we really spent some time crafting this single to be as catchy and fun as possible, while still holding that ‘melancholic Christmas’ sound.

What is it like being from the mountains of BC and what impact does that have in your songwriting?

The Canadian rockies are a beautiful and inspirational part of the world. I am in a fairly rural area (most Americans have no clue) and there are some really special sounds that come out of here. I find that if I am feeling clouded or uninspired I can go for a hike and feel something completely different, and connect to myself and the world around me again. It’s very quiet here, and you can escape really easily, so that definitely comes in handy for songwriting. 

If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be and why?

Omg, Maggie Rogers hands down. She is so SMART musically, I wish I could afford to go to music school in NYC, she has sooo much fresh knowledge on the scene and how to create eargasmic music. Definitely a dream team. I also would really love to work with Burton Cummings from Canadian band The Guess Who, I have very strong classic rock and blues roots. Burtons vocals and piano licks are something I really admire and I cant wait to grow as an artist, and explore different genre bending. Classic rock meets folk/electronica? 

Lastly, what can fans expect next from you in 2020?

Oh definitely a lot. I just got approved for some local funding, and I have applied for many other grants this year. I hope to finish the full album (I have slowly been releasing singles) I also hope to go on tour and see some of the lovely fans and followers I am gaining! There will definitely be new music, and some really cool performances and projects on the horizon! I feel like 2020 will be a big year for me musically…