Maddisun Is Practically Radiant In Heart Wrenching Ballad “Sorry”

Maddisun (Maddison Keiver) is a gifted musician and singer/songwriter from rural Canada. Her music features dreamy soulful vocals and expressive lyrics. All of her music is written directly from the heart while she strives to create music that listeners can vibe and relate to. A self-proclaimed hippie, Maddisun creates a feel-good indie rock vibe for everyone to enjoy. She’s established her craft from the ground up, writing since she was ten years old. Free spirited in all regards, Maddisun easily connects with her fans and audience, leaving them with a sense of acceptance and comfort. 

“Sorry” features Maddisun’s incredible, powerhouse vocals. Practically ethrael, her vocal range and tone will blow you away! With stunning instrumentals and sound arrangements that allow the listener to escape into the music, “Sorry” will take you on a musical journey to showcase all of Maddisun’s undeniable skills. The lyricism is emotionally rich and attention grabbing and the blend of genres is refreshing. Maddisun delightfully mixes her individual indie sound with undertones of soulful blues and folk. She is unapologetically vulnerable and admirably raw and honest. This combination creates the perfect foundation for her fans to build authentic connections through her music. We love what Maddisun has to offer and we can’t wait to hear more! 

Listen to “Sorry” here and keep scrolling to read more with Maddisun!

Hello Maddisun! Can you tell us what inspired this song “Sorry”?


I was in a relationship with very conflicting lifestyle choices, and when things ended, it was almost expected but still really heartbreaking. Sometimes you both want different things and don’t know how to express that. In this case I got cheated on, and as any artist would do i wrote a song about it. I remember coming home from Europe and thinking well what do I tell my friends now? That inspired some of the lyrics.

Your voice is timeless! What age did you begin singing? Have you had any classical training?

Well thank you! I definitely use my vocals and my main instrument. I think I started singing as soon as I could talk! My parents describe me as always wanting to be the centre of attention, and express myself. Whether that be through clothes, or through singing and dancing..

I grew up listening to their music, their tapes and CDs in the truck and house. So I have a very 70s and classic rock influence, not really much classical training at all really, just singing Blondie and Heart at the top of my lungs.

Can you dive into the details of your writing/creation process?

When I’m writing music the inspiration can come from literally anywhere. My most recent song I wrote I was fishing on the river with my dad and it just came to me.

Usually it’s the lyrics first, they will relate to something personal that’s been happening or that I experienced, I will be so eager to write, so I’ll rush home and play a piano melody to it, then work at it until I’ve got something I like. Sometimes this process is 15 minutes, sometimes it’s weeks... you never know.

How did you perfect your style and sound?

This actually took a good while, I cycled though wanting to be a punk rock chick (my song Not Your Baby demonstrates this) then doing the “singer songwriter” thing. I think I have really discovered that letting my voice shape the song and the mood is the easiest way to project my style. My vocals have sort of set this jazzy/soulful vibe for a lot of my music, it really helps me set the tone, and has helped dial in my sound. I’ve always been a solo performer and so I have to figure out basically everything on my own, and finding my “genre” was one of those things, so I think my experiences and life abroad contributed to that as well.

What drives your passion for music?

Really just the need to create. I don’t know how I would express some of the feelings I have or ideas if it wasn’t for music and songwriting. I feel things so deeply sometimes that I can’t just talk about it or do something to move past it, I have to write about it. This is how I felt with “Sorry” (I think he gets the point now) I just have so much fun in life, I’m extremely passionate about self expression and movement and just being yourself, and my music allows me to do that so freely.


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