Maddisun Shares "Something True" With Listeners

Today we're introducing an amiable artist who goes by the name of Maddisun. As a predominantly Country/Pop artist, Maddisun blends the most heartfelt aspects of the two genres and crafts a simply stunning product. Her latest project included a collaboration with artist Tenise Marie, titled "Something True," which brought many peaceful and composed aspects of the two artists to light.

"Something True" contains a sweet-sounding country melody that infuses with a sense of calmness. Already being less than a minute into the song, a soothing stillness washes over listening ears, and we're left in a Maddisun-induced trance. Maddisun's voice, in particular, is richly harmonious, and you'll quickly conclude that she has the kind of voice meant to sing. Her friendly, compassionate tone allows a certain compulsion to enter the song, and we're left in hypnosis with the energy Maddisun emulates.

The song's production amplifies the loving storyline of "Something True" as certain instrumentals are introduced to create a whimsical-like atmosphere. We can't help but follow the charismatic style of Maddisun, as she's an artist that's all too easy to fall in love with. And, in all honestly, we fell hard.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Maddisun, and Tenise Marie. How was the collaboration between you two on your latest track release, "Something True?"

Maddisun: Working with Tenise Marie was so amazing and inspiring. We have been very connected in the music scene over the last year, so it only made sense to collaborate on a song together. It was really a 50/50 collaboration as well, we both contributed so much to the track, and it's definitely a strong reflection of both of our sounds.

Tenise Marie: I really enjoyed collaborating with Maddisun on this project. The co-writing process felt very relaxed and natural, despite it being our first time writing together. The creative time we spent arranging and recording the song was easy and laid-back, much like the sound of the track.

Can you elaborate on the purpose of "Something True?" What were you hoping listeners would feel once listening to this particular song?

Maddisun: “Something True” is the bittersweet sound of a blissful summer that must inevitably come to an end. I hope our listeners feel relaxed by the easy, beachy ambiance and perhaps a little stirred by the nostalgic reminder of impermanence. We really wanted listeners to connect with our strong harmonies and that feeling of “togetherness.”

Are there any elements to "Something True" that were disparate from your typical sound? Would you consider yourself an adventurous artist, willing to integrate varying genres into your music?

Maddisun: There are parts of this song that are completely new to me, and some parts that feel very connected to my sound. I definitely dove deeper into the country/bluegrass sounds for this one. I think Tenise and I just wanted something with that strong “Kootenay Sound” (The Kootenays is the area we are from in Canada) So for me, it is normal to play around with many different genres, as on my album “Self Reflections” I really explore so many different sounds. However, I think the vocal line in this track is very aligned with my expressive and soulful/bluesy vocals.

Tenise Marie: I wouldn’t say “Something True” is disparate from my usual sound, but the songwriting style is different both lyrically and melodically; it’s more lighthearted and playful. I always write from the heart, regardless of genre. I like to be musically adventurous without making a complete departure from the Folk/ Pop realm. My debut album “Storm” draws on influences from my childhood and my heritage, incorporating elements of Country, Soul, and traditional Assyrian Folk Music.

What would you say was your favorite element to "Something True?"

Maddisun: We love that we had the opportunity to hire Matt Kelly to play pedal steel. It’s such a distinct sound, and his playing fits so perfectly into our arrangement. It really brings warmth into the track, and Matt is an incredible musician to have been involved.

What's next for you?

Maddisun: Both Tenise Marie and I were on tour this summer, and have just finished up! I was fortunate to put a 4 piece band together this year and play some incredible shows with them. I anticipate I will play many more shows with the band, and really shine my light of being a frontwoman! I am currently writing and working on my second album set to release in Sept 2022.

Tenise Marie: I recently released my debut album “Storm”. I just got home from a solo release tour of BC & Alberta and I’m looking forward to touring the album again with my band next summer!

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