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Madelen’s Request Shows Us The True Meaning Of Sentiment In New Single "Days Past"

Madelen’s Request is a folk rock group from Oslo, Norway. Inspired by the music of the 1960s, frontman Aleksander brought them together in late 2016! With several talented vocalists who take turns singing the lead and often gather in beautiful, true-to-tradition harmonies, the band’s sound is versatile yet clearly grounded in folk and Americana.

The band released their single “Days Past” that touches in with every emotion and heart-rendering feeling in your body to fully soak up the lyricism and sound this band is projecting. With a modern approach to folk music, and lyrics conveyed with precision, “Days Past” is almost inevitable to become the all American hit of today! Around 4:35 is my favorite section of the song. If at this portion you don’t become immensely kidnapped into the song where you’re feeling every sensation from the heavenly sounding acoustics, melody, and chorus-like sound then you’re listening to “Days Past” the incorrect way! Madelen’s Request did an excellent job conducting a folk song fulfilling for not only folk lovers but anyone in general with a good ear for music.

Listen to "Days Past" here and get to know Madelen’s Request in our interview below!

How long have you guys been playing as a band? What’s your favorite part about working together and sharing the same passion and why!?

We started playing together two years ago. Drummer Daniel and frontman Aleksander had got to know each other and were hanging out in Daniels studio. After a couple beers a track had been laid down. However, as Aleksander isn't the most amazing at bass and lead guitar, a couple weeks later Marius and Jonas were asked to join, as well as Aleksanders wife Ester. We recorded our first songs and put them out the next year.We absolutely love the journey of creating music. From conceiving the idea of a song until we receive the final mix and then sharing it with the world. We've always paid a lot of attention to detail in our music. Like discussing whether to use the word "in" or "on" in a lyric or spending the extra time to really tweak the perfect sound for the guitar. It can seem a little obsessive, but it's rather a positive energy for us.

Madelen’s Request, you guys did an amazing job displaying emotion. How Important do you guys think “connecting with your song” should be to an artist?

Thank you! There is no point in creating something if it doesn't connect with anybody. So we try to only go with ideas that we feel a connection with ourselves. Not all of our songs are necessarily autobiographical, but they do have some root or emotion that we recognize in ourselves. I think people can sense that. And people want to hear stuff that shows humanity.

I felt a sense of relaxation listening to your new song. Are songs like “Days Past” usually your norm in creating music? Or do you guys like to switch things up?

We definitely switch things up! Our previous single "While I'm Young" is very different from "Days Past". It's a lively celebration of youth, but with some almost satirical undertones and a fiery guitar solo.But we always put a lot of thought into our lyrics, so we are always looking to create some kind of space for reflection. Our music is meant to be listened too, and not be background noise to create hype.

How would you guys interpret “Days Past” ?

It came out a conversation about old people, and how it must be to live at that stage in life. Jonas wrote it in a few short hours a couple days later. It's about people Jonas has lost, but he only realized that after playing the song to his mother and she immediately recognized family members. So it is in part a work of the subconscious. Most of us will get to a point in our lives where we stop thinking about the future and instead remember the days past. That's what this song is about. Trying to see life from that perspective.

What’s so special about folk music in your opinion?

Folk music is sort of natural music. Especially American folk music (which is a mix of European and African) really resonates with something deep inside of us. And lyrically there is so much to draw from in imagery and themes. Folk music has always been close to peoples lives, and we hope to continue that tradition. 


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