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Madeolife Drops Killer EP "4Naked Flowers"

San Antonio, Texas is home to Madeolife, and up and coming artist that takes a new approach to hip-hop R&B soul. His most recent EP is titled, “4naked Flowers” which was released early May 2019. The EP includes a four songs with total of 13 minutes for the whole EP. The tracks titles include “Psychedelic Bullets”, “Insomnia Death”, “Day ‘N’ Nite”, and “Father I’m Okay”, each boast a vibe of their own but yet cohesively comes together in this EP.

The first track brings a kind of funky sound with a cool repeating buzzy bass line and some sick vocals. The beat is killer in this track because it has a somewhat of a retro 90s sound to it . The second track titled, “Insomnia death”, sounds bleak but is a chill and laid back track with a beat similar to the first track but brings another perspective to it. Hints of jazz and contemporary R&B are spread throughout the track bringing an ambient mood to it. Moving on seamlessly to the next track titled “Day ‘n’ night” brings a darker tone quality with a heavier bass line and upbeat rhythms. The EP finishes strong with “Father I’m Okay”. On this track, it has a cool saxophone element to it along with female vocals. This EP gives you a lot to choose from giving you everything you need in one package.

Listen to the full EP here. Scroll down for an exclusive interview with Madeolife.

What gravitates you to make Hip hop/ R& B music?

I think me being Hispanic takes a big role in why Im a diverse musician. Growing up in household were every weekend was  a party, family gatherings and lots of music. I have always loved being around music it kinda started curing my anxiety I had , so every chance I had I was either listening to music or listening to the radio any type of sound really, but what I want to say sparked my whole inspiration was my long boring ride from school with my father when l a kid, he listen to Kono 101, a radio station for all the classics r&b & soul I was so amazed by the different sounds these groups were making ,funky edges made me feel whole.

What inspires you and your sound?

Growing up listening Kid Cudi, Mac Miller, Kendrick Lamar, really inspired me , there was no boundaries for these artists they really allowed me to step out & grow as a individual 

I was also listening to logic and Kyle ( k.i.d.) 

Them putting their content on YouTube showing themselves progressing as an artist recording in basements making music out of their home .  viewing this allowed me put my career in gear. My mother bought me avid pro tools which was a beginner recording software this allowed me to start understanding The process of making music engineering and producing when l was young.

What is the concept behind your EP “4naked flowers”?

I had just released a album on March 23 called "Lost tapes" With Different genres such as  rock, R&B, Spanish & hip-hop. I felt like I needed to put a point across I really wanted to connect with the audience so I went back to work and made 4naked Flowers total of four tracks 1. Psychedelic bullets 2. Insomnia death 3. Day "N" Nite 4. Father I’m okay.  I feel like we’re all flowers we have only 24 hours in a day either we stay mad stressed out or we get rid of all the negativity and pursue pure happiness . We all blossom like flowers and we all die one day. Me Living with anxiety I have allowed myself to Make music to calm myself and others with my therapeutic sounds & voice. 

What is your favorite song on the EP?

My favorite song of the project would have to be Father I’m OK it being the last song I tried my best to make a very peaceful ending.  

I encourage anybody who is going through their downs or feel unappreciated unworthy or feel like giving up to listen to this track. 

What's next for you?

I’m currently working on a new project which I plan to release either September or October I can’t speak much on it but I assure you it will cure your soul.


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