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Madison Hughes Gives it Her All in Her Adorned Record, “Easy Way”

R&B/Pop Singer and Songwriter, Madison Hughes submerges us in her latest earnest record, “Easy Way.”

Hailing from Jacksonville, Florida this spirited artist is offering listeners a sweet-escape through her naturally alluring and warm sound. Her musical venture into her solo career all started by taking guitar lessons in primary school and performing "Wild Thing" at a fifth-grade talent show. Now, Madison Hughes takes sonic elements from around the world and infuses them into her vibrant sound.

With a wide range of artistic influences from multiple genres of music, listeners can easily understand why Hughes' music is rather dynamic.

Releasing music that resembles R&B and Pop, she has made it evidently clear that she is capable of artistic versatility with the heartfelt tunes she crafts. She's continuously working to further develop her sound and pull listeners in tight with a warm sonic embrace. Madison Hughes is on a musical mission with no end in sight.

“Easy Way,” instantly immerses us in the smooth and delicate expressions of Madison Hughes accompanied by sparkling keys adding a complimenting shimmer. The instrumentation promptly takes over and the up-tempo, rhythmic elements of her worldly muses are added into the synthesis, sending mind-altering vibrations through the speakers. All of the elements blended together showcase her exclusive sound with the most pleasant transportation through her auditory exhibition.

Her vocals have an angelic projection that allows us to float upon every word she delivers, keeping us on the hook. The sultry tonal distinction through her well-crafted lyrics creates a utopia in which, “Easy Way,” dominates.

With each word that she conveys, we are further opened to her wide-range of vocals and inspirations leading us into the depth of what makes Madison Hughes one of a kind.

Congratulations on the release of “Easy Way.” What is the meaning behind this heartfelt single and what would you like listeners to take away from it?

I like writing about meaningful themes rather than shallow ones…I like singing about themes that inspire me, end not taking the “easy way” has always been a saying I stand by. I was watching “The Kid Who Would Be King” movie on an airplane a couple of years ago, and in the film, Merlin says “the most worthwhile seldom the easiest.” That sentiment stuck with me from that moment on. I want listeners to leave feeling inspired and motivated about their life when they put their minds to something. 

Could you please bring us into the vibes of the studio session where “Easy Way,” was created?

I record everything in my bedroom, here in Florida, at a small desk with no proper studio set up. Just a microphone, interface, and a MacBook! I started to write this song the same night we had company over…so you’ll hear in the intro of the song some background noise — I ended up keeping that takes and not re-doing it because I was free-styling and the best takes always come when you're not trying so hard! The instrumental was produced by DC-based musician, Bunie, and I met him while I was living in DC earlier this year. I asked him to send me some song ideas and he sent me this Afro-Fusion vibe, and I was obsessed with the track! I then got one of his friends, Santaa, to play guitar on it. The refrain, “I won’t take no easy way no easy can’t stop now better seize the day,” was written earlier this Spring when times were a bit troublesome with the start of Covid. I was determined to not let discouragement settle in when it came to pursuing my passion for music. 

In terms of atmosphere, where do you find yourself to be the most creative?

Similar to most people, I discover creativity when I’m traveling and escaping from the routine. Creativity also comes from having life experiences, where I end up having something worthwhile to write about. I am never creative when I’m just stuck in the mundane cycle not interacting with people. For me, creativity also comes from forming relationships with people, as that also gives me topics to write about.

Could you please tell us about your world travels and how you continue to take elements from your experiences and transfer them to your music?

Having visited London, Jamaica, Chile, Costa Rica, Peru, Mexico, Guatemala, Spain, Cuba, Scotland, and Nicaragua during my time as a student has opened my eyes to so many different cultures in the world! I love interacting with the people there, getting to know their language, and their musical tastes. I haven’t necessarily made music with people from all these countries but I can definitely say its the reason why I still am figuring out my “genre” and “sound” as an artist…I love so many different sounds, its hard to pick one!

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

As Billie Eilish says, “my future” keeps me inspired." Untapped potential, endless possibilities, and God’s promises.


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