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Madisyn Gifford Ignites a Musical Flame With Her Recent Single, "Voulez-Vous"

Back for her second studio single, the rising Popstar, and Singer-Songwriter, Madisyn Gifford brings a sultry and punchy tune with her latest release, "Voulez-Vous."

Intriguing listeners with her upbeat pop/alternative sound and alluring vocal abilities, Madisyn Gifford is continuously finding new ways to create further connections with her audience.

Uniting her innocence and experiences to allow listeners to gravitate to her thought-provoking messages, it's without a doubt that Madisyn Gifford is an artist to watch.

Following up her debut single with a stimulating release, "Voulez-Vous," Madisyn Gifford mentioned that this track was her first attempt at pop writing, where she touches on female empowerment and finding someone who treats her properly. We're excited for our readers to familiarize themselves with this single, as Madisyn Gifford brings forward incredibly relatable and conceptual themes that leave us wanting more.

The single "Voulez-Vous" opens with Madisyn Gifford's soothing and sultry vocals as she begins depicting a party where two lovers are separated while she wants to flee from the scene and the relationship at hand. Madisyn Gifford truly wastes no time on this track, as she jumps into the lyrical content within seconds and sings her way through the mysteriously sounding and exciting production.

Around the hook, an incredibly punchy synth syncopates with Madisyn Gifford's vocals as she exclaims her desire to leave without him, leaving her audience empowered to seek proper and healthy relationships. We can't get enough of the song's intoxicating pop production and electronic feel, as we're bopping our heads the entire way through.

Let Madisyn Gifford's empowering single "Voulez-Vous" remind you to pack up and leave when the time is right and to avoid sinking to the levels of those beneath you.

We can't get enough of your punchy and stimulating single, "Voulez-Vous." Was there a particular moment, similar to the scenes in the song, that inspired you to write this piece?

Thank you so much, I’m glad you like the song! I wouldn’t say that the song was inspired by a particular moment but it was definitely inspired by a real-life situation I was in at the time as well as a few different collected experiences. The lyrics are definitely a bit romanticized but very honest none the less!

What was it like working with producer Colin Janz for your single "Voulez-Vous"? How did he help bring your ideas to life?

Colin and I always have so much fun working together but this song, in particular, was one that I think both of us really enjoyed writing together and working on! It was our first time dipping our toes into pop writing together and it was such a high energy fun experience making this track! Colin first brought this idea to the surface when he played the initial chords to the song and immediately I knew what it had to be about, from there we continued bouncing ideas off of each other, and before we knew it the song was done! Of course, it would be nothing too if it wasn’t for all of his incredible production that totally brought the story to life. Colin is so freaking talented and always such a joy to work with especially on this track!

What message did you want your audience to take away from such a thrilling single like "Voulez-Vous"?

More than anything this song is about self-empowerment and having the confidence to be unapologetically yourself so I hope people take that message with them after listening. It’s such a fun song I just hope it puts a smile on people’s faces and makes them feel confident singing along to it in the car.

Seeing as "Voulez-Vous" is more pop-oriented, what inspired you to switch up your sound from indie-folk to pop for this piece?

I think moving from the indie-folk genre into pop was actually a really natural progression for me because although I started with writing indie music my lyrics have always had some pop sensibilities. Also right around the time Colin and I began working together I started to become really interested in the pop genre and decided it might be fun to dip my toes in!

What can we expect to see next from you?

Lots of music that I am so excited to share! My debut EP “Learning to Exist” is going to be coming out this spring and I also just finished writing an album that will hopefully be ready by late 2021! I’m so beyond excited to share the work I’ve been doing, it’s been so much fun making it and hopefully, it will be equally as fun to listen to as well!



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