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Madisyn Whajne Is The Definition of Artistic Versatility With Her Debut Album, 'Save Our Hearts'

Madisyn Whajne has spent most of her life on the hunt for her purpose, family, and ultimately, herself. Her life has been shaped by a hunger for truth and understanding, a hunger that lies at the core of her extraordinary debut album, 'Save Our Hearts.'

Recorded live to tape at Montreal's famed Hotel2Tango studio, the album is instilled with a visceral sense of loneliness and longing dressed in a burning desire for connection and companionship that propels the body of work endlessly forward in pursuit of something perpetually out of reach.

'Save Our Hearts' approaches heartfelt melodies walking amongst a delicate tightrope between indie rock charm and punk bravado, mixing gritty guitars and muscular percussion with dreamy production and intoxicating hooks. Madisyn Whajne offers up an emotionally filled delivery, nimble to match, balancing hope and despair in equal measure.

Commencing the striking composition of 'Save Our Hearts,' we have the swift and breezy, rhythmic anticipation of "Summer Love." Delving into the warm embrace that Madisyn Whajne's wistful vocalization conveys to listeners, this vivid melody is fastened with an abstract sense of melancholy and remorse. The Pop Rock essence of the instrumentation pulsates as we're exposed to every tight drum pattern and animated guitar chord performed. Articulating her views in the delicate expressions through the sentimental aching of waiting for love that never comes, Madisyn Whajne illustrates brilliant imagery for us to relate to as she kicks off 'Save Our hearts' in a compelling manner.

Building upon the robust aspect of love that Madisyn Whajne attempts to lure closer to her heart, "Killing Desire" offers listeners another side of her vulnerability on a silver platter. Slowing the tempo down, we're gravitating towards the world of Madisyn Whajne that delivers us magnetism in the form of emotion-filled pockets that she probes into with her artistic versatility. In the sweet sounds of the sparkling instrumentation, the colorful keys being played upon remain a centerpiece as the delicate yet empowering vocals that Madisyn Whajne exudes seamlessly fuses with the tone set of "Killing Desire."

Bountiful edge is served up in "One Shot," in the luxurious dominance of the guitar licks vibrating your speakers. Remaining open to the impressions that the finer sentiments of love can be welcome in her boisterous life, Madisyn Whajne performs in a sultry fashion as she showcases her wide vocal range. The upbeat elements of the instrumentation have us tapping our fingers and toes at high speed as we take in each intense drum hit fueled with vitality. The method in which Madisyn Whajne can adapt to each flavor she presents to her listeners is a boundless feat that she makes look effortless in numerous ways.

Addressing the softer spirits that lurk in the ominous depths of her being, "So In Love" tackles the raw desire that lives in Madisyn Whajne. This mesmerizing record acts as a back and forth conversation that two lovers are having in the discussion of their relationship. With a variety of questions on the table, it seems that one answer is for sure, there is an abundance of love between them. Dazzling us with the dynamism in the profound vocal abilities that Madisyn Whajne sheds amongst the male vocalist on "So In Love," we buckle our seatbelts for the remainder of this tantalizing quest.

“Sweet Talk,” is a divine composition that allows us to open our eyes much wider to Madisyn Whajne’s prevailing story. Even in the complexities of her despondency, Madisyn Whajne always manages to find a silver lining. Decreeing that no matter what happens, “my heart keeps beating,” Madisyn Whajne’s drizzles her enthralling quintessence over top of the tantalizing instrumentation that has our minds absorbing each grand moment that we can sonically get lost upon. The developing progression of the heartfelt desire heard in each sheltered vessel of messaging has you floating on cloud nine as your emotions board an intertwined musical journey where you can focus on how you truly feel.

The deep despair radiated in “Daggers,” emits a sorrow that is more felt than heard. Immediately sinking you into the rhythmic bassline backed by distress, this live off the floor performance has each instrument exuding a spotlight of their own glistening beam. Madisyn Whajne’s more delicate approach opens the listeners to what is obstructing her from emanating her emotion, “there’s a dagger in my heart, should have known that from the start.” Pushing the knowledge in the face of anyone who tries to question her motives, Madisyn Whajne’s makes it clear as day, that this is exactly where she stands.

The seventh song on 'Save Our Hearts,' is the raucous filled “Don’t Walk Away.” Taking influential cues from the notorious ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine,’ by Guns n Roses, Madisyn Whajne adds her own melodic zest in this boisterous composition as she leaves it all on the table. The glorious harmonies shed through each melody performed adds an inviting ambiance for us to lay our heads upon as we transport to the nostalgic field of dreams where rhythm rules all in the world of Madisyn Whajne. “Don’t Walk Away,” has us stepping to the beat of a drum that holds weighty pulsating vibrations as we catch our footing.

“When Morning Comes,” holds onto us like a soft clasp of warmth as the earnest twang of each guitar chord fills our headspace and speakers effortlessly. Madisyn Whajne has us in the ultimate delicacy of her leisurely tempo atmosphere. The smooth vocalization that emanates from within her is backed by the heavenly vocals of melodious harmonies that bring us to a serene state of mind dripped in imagery and vivid stories. As we sink into our seats and collect our thoughts, we can hear the spellbinding trail of hope that Madisyn Whajne holds onto as she delivers us her most authentic self.

The lustrous chords played amongst the heart beating execution of the drums has us thriving in an environment of, “Never Give In.” Advancement of our deepest selves emerges to the surface as we are face to face with reflective memories and the core spirit of Madisyn Whajne. Allowing us to find our inner thoughts through the musical ballads that she crafts, we can’t help but be ultimately captivated by the likes of this record. She carries such an endowing essence as she releases her inhibitions. Caught up in an atmosphere of grief, Madisyn Whajne transports you to a sliver of bliss as the clouds part ways.

Returning to the upbeat angst of the fury in her messaging, “Fire,” has Madisyn Whajne pushing away love as she convinces herself it just wasn’t meant to be. Gracefully outraged, she dives headfirst into a pool of anguish as we can hear her representing the themes at hand in the heartfelt performance that she offers up. The switch between the chugging hi-hats and sharp cymbals land as a statement in “Fire,” as the tempo is kept in a solidified manner while establishing its dominance. Madisyn Whajne is the queen of turning her turmoil into dance out of your seat bops that release any pent up stress we may be keeping inside of us, and for that we are grateful.

As we reach the end of this striking project, the final record on the debut album of 'Save Our Hearts,' is her own letter to us embodied in a sonic vessel dressed in passion, titled, “Save My Heart.” The smooth ambiance that washes over us like a powerful wave has us falling under the spell she casts. The elusive sounds that cascade together for a triumphant release of formation has the instrumentation and the vocals displayed join together for auditory bliss. Turning grey clouds into a clear blue sky, Madisyn Whajne dazzles us all with her abilities to use the stories in her heart as creations that each one of us can relate to on a personal level.

Madisyn Whajne’s delivers her story with reading between the lines navigation as she shares themes of, love and trust, reunion and rejection, as well as faith and fate. The result is a 'Save Our Hearts,' an entrancing collection that delves into an invigorating, bittersweet debut that insists on resilience and survival in the face of doubt and disappointment.

Hello Madisyn, congratulations on the release of, 'Save Our Hearts,' and welcome to BuzzMusic. With this being your debut album, you allow your listeners to see various sides of your authentic self. Could you please let us know; what did the creative process look like when piecing together this album?

Thank you so much; it’s a very exciting time! I had to overcome a lot of personal obstacles to put this record out and it wasn’t always easy. The album was written over almost two years, after a long period of writer’s block. It was a dark time in my life, and I was struggling, privately. At the time I was feeling really lost, really broken, and very alone. It was the Artist's Way book that helped pull me out of that and I was able to start writing again. It was cathartic and healing at the same time. It was a means by which I found a way back to myself. There was a lot of heartaches, a lot of darkness I had to work through. Pouring myself into a song though, I could get lost, the world around me disappear. I would bring the songs to James first, and there was always excitement and nervousness, but it was in those moments I felt like myself again. We would work on arrangements and lyrics and then bring them to the band, where they really took on a new dimension, a life of their own. He really helped shape the sound of the record and I couldn’t be more happy or thankful. I feel so grateful for all the heart and soul they poured into making this record.

You take us through smoother more ambient vibes and then have us hanging on to edgy, luxurious atmospheres! Do you have a preference as to which vibe you like to create upon better?

Oh wow, I love that! I think creating both of those vibes is equally fun and I have to push myself a lot to get to those points of smoothness and edginess. I think that in the recording process I like the softer more sultry vibes, but in the actual creating process I like the edgy, punk rock vibes. It’s so much fun to play and to let loose, it hypes me up and makes me feel alive. It also brings me out of my comfort zone and evokes a little sass I have hidden inside of me!

What is the story behind the inspiration for your debut album, 'Save Our Hearts?'

The inspiration came from my life’s personal experiences and the desire to find the light inside me, to find myself again. To prove I could do something I had set my heart on for so long. For a long time, I didn’t know my birth family, my real name, my native heritage. It was a lifelong journey finding my family, and when I did my mother and father had both passed before I was able to be reunited with them. There is a lot of pain but also a lot of joy in my story, and meeting my brothers and sisters and aunts and uncles have been a true blessing. I feel more rooted in knowing my birth family, there is a sense of “home” I can feel inside me that was always missing.

What would you like your listeners to take away from this body of work?

I think that at a time when I had lost almost all faith, there was always a glimmer of hope to hold onto. We all have a light inside that shines bright, even if we don’t see it ourselves. I hope that this record touches people in a way that inspires them to share their gifts with the world. When we heal ourselves we give strength for others to do the same.

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

Well, 2020 has certainly been a pretty rough year for most, but my hope is that a better world comes from all this. I think it has given people a chance to realize what is really important in this life, and it’s not what we have, but who we have.


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