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Madjo Sparks A “Rebellion” With Powerful New Single & Music Video

French-Swiss Senegalese singer-songwriter MADJO ignites a fire within our hearts through her thought-provoking new single and music video, "Rebellion," the title track from her recent 11-track album.

Known for her exploratory pop music that blends indie-rock, soul, folk, and electronic sounds, MADJO has released three captivating albums: Trapdoor (2010), Invisible World (2015), and now Rebellion (2024). Her magnetic voice and ability to create an intimate yet spirited atmosphere have become her signature.

The title track of her latest album, "Rebellion," showcases MADJO's inner turmoil as she grapples with fears about the world, the environment, and her personal journey to motherhood. It's an incredibly powerful experience that urges listeners to join the cause, shed old skin, and embrace anew.

"Rebellion" opens with somber, nearly whispered, heartbroken verses that build into a powerful, soul-packed chorus—instantly showcasing MADJO's remarkable vocal range and emotive delivery. Accompanied by a striking black-and-white music video directed by Diane Moyssan, "Rebellion" visually depicts the confinement and struggle we often feel in the face of societal pressures.

MADJO's performance, set between three walls, represents the desire to break free from the shackles of an old world and old beliefs. It's clear she's hinting at the possibility of a better future. With its mid-tempo organic pop sound and powerful rhythms,

"Rebellion" invites listeners to reflect on the state of our society while remaining deeply personal and poetic. MADJO's anger, outrage, and fear fuel the song's intensity, making it an unforgettable and impactful listening experience.

Join MADJO's "Rebellion" and stream the powerful new single along with the 11-track album on all digital platforms.

Welcome to Buzz, Madjo! We deeply appreciate how moving and thought-provoking "Rebellion" is. What inspired you to write about such profound themes for this single?

Thank you so much ! This is the first song I wrote and composed on this album. At that point in my life, I was very angry at climate inaction. I didn't understand why nothing was done to switch to another paradigm. I needed to exorcise my fears by writing. Rebellion talks about all my fears. The fear of seeing our world collapse.

Your music video for "Rebellion" is visually stunning and very symbolic. What message did you hope to convey through the visuals?

I just wanted to show what touched me today. My need to see our society really transform. Deeply. It's kind of a message of hope even if the point may seem harsh at first.

How does "Rebellion" set the tone for your latest album of the same name? What can listeners expect from the rest of the project?

I chose to call my album Rebellion because I started writing it in a very tumultuous period of my life. I was losing my bearings. I wanted to become a mother, but it didn't happen. I felt a lot of sadness at that time.

It is the strength of music, it can make it possible to exorcise our fears, our fragilities. This album brings together all these themes. Motherhood, femininity, anger, loss of confidence, metamorphosis.

What was your songwriting process for "Rebellion," and what moments or experiences did you draw from to write it?

The production of this album was done over several years. And in different places as well. I started writing it in Montreal in the spring of 2016. I had taken a small recording studio with me. I continued to write in Brighton, it was there that I ended up getting pregnant. To finish his writing in my house in the Alps. It's an album that tells all my personal quest.

What do you hope listeners take away from "Rebellion?" How do you want the song to inspire or impact them?

I hope people will feel my whole emotional journey.

I think I didn't hide behind a mask on this album. I was able to speak in the most authentic way possible by not being afraid to address rather dark themes such as the collapse.

To dare to talk about my femininity without feeling judged. To approach my story without glitter. This album is a mixture of trials and great joys. I hope that people can feel it and enjoy it.


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