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MAEJOY Is Living In A “Ghost Town”

Meet 25-year-old indie-pop artist MAEJOY, a dynamic artist hailing from the bustling city of Las Vegas. Her music fuses sweet, rich melodies with soft, airy vocals, creating a dreamy aura that radiates nostalgia.

Whether in Las Vegas, Los Angeles or Minnesota, MAEJOY is on a journey to share her innovative sound with the world. Her newest single, “GHOST TOWN,” explores the concept of conflicting emotions and regret, all presented through a melodic, ethereal lens.

“GHOST TOWN” begins with a sweet synth sequence and a rich plucked guitar melody, setting the stage for the first verse. It’s here that MAEJOY’s ethereal vocals emerge, blending seamlessly with the airy harmonies that echo throughout the track. The result is a rich auditory landscape that draws listeners in for the ride. “I gotta stop for a minute just to think about if my heart’s really in it or not”

In these lyrics, MAEJOY explores the raw emotions of self-doubt and the questioning of one’s own happiness. These lyrics will speak to anyone grappling with the uncertainties of their state of belonging and happiness, posing the question — are you truly happy?

The sound continues to crescendo, leading into a bright and harmonious chorus where MAEJOY chants the words “ghost town”. These words capture the sensation of slipping back into old habits or walking on the edge of emotional collapse.

This weighted message is beautifully juxtaposed with a captivating melody. Her ability to combine elegant sounds with darker themes showcases MAEJOY’s refined and distinctive artistry.

“GHOST TOWN” is out now.

Welcome to BuzzMusic MAEJOY, and congratulations on your latest release, "GHOST TOWN." Could you share your inspiration for the concept of your latest release, “GHOST TOWN?"

My inspiration for the concept of ‘Ghost Town’ came from a period of my life when I struggled with my internal battles. Being uncertain & unable to make confident decisions seriously frustrated me. The lyric “Make up my mind to start over again, oh I can’t take” vocalizes that feeling of frustration. While the chorus “Headed backwards I’m living in a ghost town” highlights the idea of me losing my mind bc I was so deeply living in it.

Have you always been drawn to pursuing music, or was this a passion that developed over time?

I have always been drawn to pursuing music. I’ve been since I was a little girl, always did talent shows, and attended a music high school & college. My grandparents were a music duo & were popular in the Philippines. My mom was in a band in her early 20s. So with that being said, I feel I was always influenced and surrounded by music. I was always supported in becoming a singer though I truly pursued the artist direction in high school with my band, The Noir Movement.

Describe your musical style in 3 words.

I’d say my musical style is indie rnb, pop & rock.

What message do you wish listeners to remove from “GHOST TOWN?"

The message I wish my listeners to take away from ‘ GHOST TOWN’ is this “You are not alone. This song was intended to empathize with anybody who also struggles with their mental & emotional state. I often internalize things to the point of overthinking & bottling things up until I break down. I want people to feel seen through the chaos in their minds.

If your music was a season, which one would it be and why?

My music was a season; it would be winter. Winter can sometimes be visually beautiful or painfully cold. I feel my music can be represented in that same way, beautiful and painful. My music usually evokes deep & vulnerable memories. And with that being said, I try to highlight the light & dark of it all.


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